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The Mpumalanga University is a public university that was established in 2014 with just about a hundred and forty students. The university is located in Mbombele in South Africa with two campuses, an urban and suburban. These two campuses are divided into two, Mbombela and Teacher Education Siyabuswa campuses.

UMP as it is known currently offers a Bachelor of Education and Agriculture as well as a Diploma in Hospitality Management.

As of 2020, the university that started with a student population of 140 students had enrolled 4,400 students both international and South African nationals.

The university is ranked at the 24th position in South Africa and the 7925th position globally. It is accredited to the Department of Higher Education and Training of South Africa with its motto as Creating opportunities.

Admission Requirements at the University of Mpumalanga

For every qualification, there is a specified requirement an applicant needs to meet to be considered. However, this is the minimum entry requirement.

Minimum entry requirement;

  1. APS of 28 with Mathematics and 29 with Mathematical Literacy
  2. English (home or first additional language) Level 4
  3. The second recognized language, Level 4
  4. Mathematics, Level 3
  5. Mathematical Literacy, Level 4

Applicants with National Senior Certificate

  1. A minimum APS of 30
  2. English Language (Home or First Additional Language): Level 4
  3. Mathematics: Level 2
  4. Mathematical Literacy: Level 3
  5. Applicants must equally meet the minimum entry requirements for a degree programme

 Necessary Documents Needed To Apply At University of Mpumalanga

Before applying to the University of Mpumalanga, there are documents and things that all applicants need to get. There may include;

  1. An email address and active cellphone number
  2. An ID number for all South African nationals and a Passport number for international students
  3. Payment of application fee
  4. Scanned of all documents
  5. Make sure you have met all requirements for chosen qualification
  6. Parents or guardian ID
  7. Exam results
  8. Proof of residence


The University of Mpumalanga unlike many other universities is made up of faculties and schools with each qualification located in a single school where schools are grouped into faculties. The school presently has three faculties and 8 schools. 

The faculties are;

  1. Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sciences
  2. Faculty of Education and Economics
  3. Faculty of Development and Business Management

Points Needed To gain Admission To UMP

The minimum point required for admission at the University of Mpumalanga is 30. All applicants are required to have this score to be considered for admission.

How to calculate APS at UMP

To calculate your APS at UMP, add your matric points concerning the general APS table. The percentage score of your matric exams is what will be added to get your APS.

Applicants need to know that, meeting the required APS is not a guarantee that they will be accepted into the desired programme.

Courses Available At UMP

For all the three faculties at the university, there are suitable courses designed to give applicants the best experience and impact them with the needed knowledge. 

Here are some listed courses under the Faculty of Education, both Postgraduate and Undergraduate.

Faculty of Education

  1. School of Foundation Phase Teaching


Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching

  1. Postgraduate

Master of Education in Early Childhood Education

  1. School of Foundation Phase Teaching 

Master of Education in Early Childhood

For access to the rest of the faculties with their respective course, kindly visit UMP’s website.

Does UMP Offer Higher Certificate?

The university has set it out as a comprehensive university hence it offers a full range of qualifications from Higher Certificate to Doctoral Degree and from Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree.

Application Fee at UMP

For all applicants applying as South African nationals, they are expected to pay an application fee of R150. Applicants applying as international students will pay R150 as well and those applying from other African countries are required to pay R350.

Application Process at UMP

Before you apply, you need;

  1. Electronic copies of your documents
  2. Accepted file formats are pdf, doc, Docx, tiff, PNG, jpg, jpeg
  3. Certified copies of your identity documents Senior Certificate/National Senior Certificate, and all other relevant documents
  4. Proof of payment of application fee

To apply;

  1. Visit
  2. Key in your biological information that is your name, date of birth etc
  3. Upload your results
  4. Upload details of your educational institution
  5. Key in your programme or academic application details
  6. Create your five digits pin
  7. Upload your documents
  8. After uploading all supporting documents and clicking the complete upload
  9. End of application

Application Dates at UMP

The management of the University of Mpumalanga has disclosed the application dates for the 2023/2024 academic years. Dates are expected to be opened from April 2022 through to January 2023.

The admission status as confirmed by the management of UMP takes a while, approximately between six to eight weeks. Applicants are advised to check their status six to eight weeks after the deadline of application.

Registration Fee at UMP

The registration fee for 2022 at the University of Mpumalanga is R4, 525. Payments are supposed to be made at least 48 hours before registration to allow clearance. It must be noted that this payment is non-refundable and payment does not guarantee admission.

How To Register at UMP

To register, you need;

  1. A working email
  2. An SA identification number
  3. A passport number if you are an international student

Visit UMP’s website at: to register

Registration Dates to Note:

  1. Masters and Doctorate Students: 03 January 2022 – 30 April 2022  
  2. Second Semester registration is between 19- 22 July 2022
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