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Stellenbosch University is one of the numerous prestigious educational institutions in the world that makes use of an online platform to serve its prospective students. This article will speak more about this online application of Stellenbosch University. 


Biography About Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is a public university. It can be found in Stellenbosch which is a town in the Western Cape province in the Republic of South Africa. As a university, it is the oldest in South Africa. It is also the oldest extant university in Sub-Saharan Africa and it shares this glory with the University of Cape Town which is also in South Africa. The institution was previously not a university and it was fully made a university in the year 1918. The renowned institution was also the first institution to sign the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.Times Higher Education World University Rankings saw Stellenbosch University ranked in the 251-275 category. In the whole of Africa, it is the third best university. Additionally, the QS World University Rankings released also saw the prestigious institution ranked 390 in the whole world and third in the whole of Africa.Its prominence can also be seen in the fact that it has consistently ranked in the top 200 worldwide when it comes to law, politics, and geography education. The total number of departments in Stellenbosch University is 150. These departments are grouped into 10 faculties. The university is noted to have over 40 research institutions. There are some facilities that are situated on campus and others that are situated off-campus. Facilities situated on campus are Arts and Social Sciences faculty, Science faculty, Education faculty, AgriSciences faculty, Law faculty, Theology faculty, Economic and Management Sciences faculty, and the Engineering faculty. Faculties not situated on campus include Military Science, located in Saldanha Bay, Medicine and Health Sciences, located in Tygerberg, and University of Stellenbosch Business School, located in Bellville. 


Successfully submitting your Stellenbosch University application requires you to submit some supporting documents. It is noteworthy that these documents are essential to your application and without them, your application will be invalid. 

Some of these documents are; 

South African student; 

You will need to have at least; 

  • The applicants should have 30% for a South African Language of Learning and Teaching which either English or Afrikaans
  • The applicants should have an achievement rating of 4 which is between 50% – 59% in four 20-credit subjects

International Students;

  • Applicant’s official academic transcript in English
  • Applicant’s proposed learning agreement which contains the programme he or she intends to study
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport
  • A declaration signed by applicant’s university in his or her home country 
  • Applicant’s signed and stamped contract
  • A proof showing applicant’s English level 

NB: The application comes in different forms. To check out the procedures to apply as a South African undergraduate student, an international student, or a postgraduate student, visit the URL 

Once it opens, click on the how to apply tab and choose the one that applies to you and download the accompanying file. 

Things to have before you begin your application; 

There are some things that every applicant must have and one of these things is an email address. The email will be your primary point of contact so before you think about starting your application, please create one which you will use. 

During the course of your application, if there is the need to contact someone from the university, you can do so. Use the following means below to get into contact with someone from the university;


To complete your application as either a South African student, an international student, or a postgraduate student, visit the URL 

Click on the how to apply tab and choose the one that applies to you and download the accompanying file for your easy application process. 

Client Services – 021 808 9111


Website: visit

Before you contact the university, have your applicant ID at hand because you would be asked about it. 

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