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List Of 10 Best High Schools In Johannesburg Ranked

Are you interested in being a part of South Africa education community? We have all the information you need about the top 10 high schools in Gauteng province in South Africa.South Africa education has improved tremendously since the beginning of the Millenium.  As a result of this improvement, international students and those withing now see South […]

Top 8 Best Boarding Schools In Mpumalanga in 2020

One thing that has affected the performance of youngsters in exams is a distraction. Distraction exists in various forms. Social media distraction through the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The constant use of mobile phones is another example of distractions. This distraction is avoided by students who attend boarding schools. Boarding school often have […]

10 Best Private Schools In Cape Town in 2020

Every parent desires the very best for their children which is why they are willing to go to great lengths to achieve this. More so, every parent hopes that their kids get to achieve even better than they did, in every sphere of life, be it personal growth or career-wise.  Having this expectation makes them […]

Top 10 Boarding Schools In Gauteng |Johannesburg 2020

So you are interested in moving to South Africa. It is usual for you to be concerned about your children education and schools you can send them to study. You don’t have to worry anymore because we will help you get an idea of the best boarding schools in Johanessburg, Gauteng Province. Johannesburg is South […]

Top 8 Best High schools in Midrand in 2020

A lot of parents are typically accosted with the issue of what schools to enroll their kids in. This is all prevalent in all levels of academic learning all the way from nursery, primary up to high school.  This common problem stems from the need to give their kids the best education possible in order for them […]

Top 10 Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Were From Uganda

1. Semi Anthony His roles have included guest starring on ABC’s Modern Family, Animal Planet’s I’m Alive, and his newest lead role as the character Stephan in the movie Head game. Semi has ventured into a different kind of role-that of a producer with 2nd Nature Films. His horror flick titled The Butchers, has been especially successful in […]

13 Actors Flying Zimbabwe’s Flag High Internationally

Zimbabweans are a talented lot. From starring in The Walking Dead, NCIS Los Angeles, Blood Diamond, Game of Thrones (yes, you read right), The Young and the Restless to Supernatual, the list is endless! Zimbabweans are in those films. We bet you don’t know half the names on this list. And that’s ok. But from today onwards, let’s celebrate the Zimbabweans that are flying […]

5 Famous People You Didn’t Know Are From Zimbabwe

On this day in 1980, Southern-Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain.  The Southern African nation is known for its beautifully diverse wildlife, breathtaking landscapes and landmarks with the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls, which is located on the Zambezi River on the border with Zambia and is considered the largest waterfall in the world being one […]

Zimbabwe’s Top 10 Most Talked About Celebrities

In Zimbabwe we have many celebs with different talents, however among these celebs we have Top ten most talked about celebs who are well known in our respective country also internationally. We ought to follow up with some of those celebs, there is always those striking defects that make them perhaps the  most talked about celebrities […]

Forbes’ Top 10 Richest People in Nepal in 2020

Money has always been an indicator of success, high class and status in any society in the world. There are some Nepalese who through their hard work, determination and persistence made a big fortune over time and are entitled the Richest People. 10. Gyanendra Shah – $58million Gyanendra Shah, born Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, […]

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