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It can be agreed that being presented with not just information but the right amount of it can be satisfying especially when you need to make a delicate yet life-long decision like choosing the best university out of the lot. Arguably, such information may not always be available. This article is here to serve that purpose. 

For this article, we take a closer look at the Vaal University of Technology, all you need to know before making that one decision that will drive you to your dream and desired future career.

The Vaal University of Technology is amongst the largest residential universities of technology in South Africa situated at Vanderbijlpark, the industrial heartland of the country. The university which is commonly known as the VUT was established in 1966 as a college of advanced technical education. In 2004, it was established as the Vaal University of Technology.

VUT has a student population of over 25,000. In 2007, it enrolled about 16,146 students of which 14,693 were full-timers, 1,453 were part-timers. VUT offers over 300 programs with learning instructions basically in English with four satellite campuses.

VUT’s academic programs and research degrees are internationally recognized with lots of connections and partnerships with recognized technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial development industries.

Vaal University of Technology Rankings

Vaal has the vision to lead in teaching that is propelled by informed research and driven by innovation and adept technology and a mission to bring forth students with the ability to become earned entrepreneurs and employable graduates capable of making the most positive impact in society.

In 2021, Vaal University of Technology was ranked at the 4849th position globally out of 14,160 universities. It is at the 22nd position in South Africa. In Africa, it is at 131 out of 1,103 with alumni impact of 6760 and non-academic prominence at 6828.

Notable amongst VUT’s alums are Eliazer Bobby Naidoo, Motsehoa Cynthia Ramotsehoa, Bonolo Sedupane, K.O, Lilian Salami.

VUT’s motto remains ‘Your World To A Better Future’

Admission Requirements and Acceptance Rate at the VUT 

The acceptance rate at the Vaal University of Technology is  55% and an academic calendar that runs from January through to December.

The minimum entry requirements at Vaal are;

  1. A Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification
  2. A pass mark in at least one of the languages of instruction (English) of the University of Higher Grade or Standard Grade
  3. For N3 qualifications, applicants should have at least four subjects with a pass two official languages of which one must be English at Senior Certificate level
  4. Applicants must note that in faculties of Engineering, Applied and Computer Sciences the minimum requirement for Mathematics, Physical Science, and in some cases English, are HG (E) or SG(C)
  5. Requirements that pertains to Degree Courses and Post Diploma Courses will be made available upon request

Points Needs At VUT

At VUT, a total APS of 23 including Mathematics or 24 with Mathematical literacy is required from applications. Six subjects excluding Life Orientation will be used to calculate APS.


The Vaal University of Technology has four faculties. Listed below are these faculties.

  1. Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences
  2. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  3. Faculty of Human Sciences
  4. Faculty of Management Sciences

Which Courses Can A New Applicant Choose to Pursue (Courses Offered)

The Vaal University of Technology has over 300 courses offered to students. Each Course is under a prescribed Faculty.

Here is a list of the faculties with their respective courses offered. All of which can be found in the Courses Prospectus.

  1. Faculty of Human Sciences- Course Prospectus
  2. Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences- Course Prospectus
  3. Faculty of Engineering and Technology- Course Prospectus
  4. Faculty of Management Sciences- Course Prospectus

Who Qualifies To Apply And What It Takes To Apply (Online Application)

Anyone who has met the application requirements has the liberty to apply at the Vaal University of Technology. Before applying, applicants must make sure they have available the following;

  1. A certified South African Identification Card
  2. Certified copy of Grade 11 or recent Grade 12 results
  3. A proof of payment of application fee
  4. A passport if applying as an International Student
  5. Valid email address, active cellphone number
  6. A Certificate to state formal qualifications if any
  7. Recommendations from employer to state applicant is capable and sane to complete the application if applicable

How To Apply;

  1. Click on this link to direct you to the Student’s Portal
  2. Fill, and complete the online form with all the needed and required information
  3. For first-timers, there is a need to register first before
  4. Upload all documents required, including supporting documents
  5. Pay the application fee once you have received your student’s number
  6. Submit the  filled out and completed form
  7. If for any reason you are unable to register online, print the completed form and submit it at the address on the form

Registration Fee at VUT

The 2022 registration fee at the Vaal University of Technology is estimated between R220.00 to 300. Applicants must note that this fee is not refundable. Also, payment of the registration fee is not an acceptance of admission.

Students are required to pay this registration fee before starting the application process.

To Register, you need;

  1. An active email address
  2. South African ID number
  3. A passport if applying as an international student
  4. Click on this link to start and complete the registration process

VUT Prospectus

The Vaal University of Technology has made available the 2022 prospectus for printing and downloading.

Application Dates at VUT

It is good news for all prospective applicants wishing to study and become a part of VUT. The 2023/2024 application dates and closing dates are out.

  1. 1st April 2022- Opening of Application
  2. 30th November- Closing of Application
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