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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University now Nelson Mandela University is the merging of three universities which happened in 2005. The university however dates back its history from 1882 with its foundation tracing from Port Elizabeth Art School.

The university is affiliated with IAU, AAU, HESA and ACU. It is a comprehensive university focused on professional and vocational programmes with the main campus in South Africa. Students here are presented with the opportunity to study and earn a Diploma, Degree to a Doctorate level with English as the main medium of instruction. Students here are called Madibaz.

Center for World University Ranking in 2019-2020 ranked NMU at 1620 worldwide and 12 at the national level with the Alumni employment rate at 1156. NM U has a total enrolment of 22,652.

Notable amongst their alums are Nashwa Essa, Andre Vos, Ronaldo Gouws and more.

Admission Requirements

Nelson Mandela University has minimum entry requirements for all applicants and specific requirements for specifically chosen programmes.

Minimum Statutory Entry Requirement

  • Higher Certificate- a minimum pass of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the higher education institution including any other requirements the university may need.
  • Diploma– a pass of National Senior Certificate at 30% in the language of teaching and learning of the higher education institution together with an achievement rate of 3 ( 40-49) or better in the four known and recognized NSC 20-credit subjects which exclude LO together with any requirement the university may need.
  • Bachelor’s Degree– a pass of National Senior Certificate pass at 30% in the language of the higher education institution including an achievement rate of 4 ( 50-59%) or better in four known and recognized 20-credit NSC subjects excluding LO with any requirements the university may need.

Before applying, Applicants MUST make sure they;

  1. Minimum statutory requirements for each type of qualification they want to apply for, referencing the above.
  2. Applicants should bear in mind that the university may seek specific requirements for certain qualifications
  3. Applicants need to come to terms with the Applicants Score (AS) where subjects and percentage pass is required for specific subjects.
  4. Recognized 20-credit NSC subjects combination may be used to apply for degree studies that exclude LO if and only if these four subjects are passed on a level four (50-59%) or even higher.

All applicants must note that having the minimum statutory requirements is in no way a guarantee that you have a place or have gained admission into Nelson Mandela University.

How To Apply To Nelson Mandela University

To apply to Nelson Mandela University, the first thing that must tick right is meeting all admission requirements.

  1. Visit https://myfuture.mandela.ac.za/Applicant-Score to find out the programmes and their dedicated requirements
  2. Make sure you have an active email address, a cell number and a home address which will be used as a medium of communication between the applicant and the university
  3. Visit https://applyonline.mandela.ac.za/ to start the application process
  4. Make sure to include all relevant documents about the admission as your application will not be considered or processed without them
  5. All prospective applicants will be contacted via email or SMS with regards to their application outcomes


The Nelson Mandela University can boast of more than 500 study programmes with seven efficient and effective faculties to see to the efficacies of these programmes.

  • Humanities
  • Business and Economic Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering, the Built Environment and Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Law
  • Science

Courses Offered at Nelson Mandela University

The university is housed with an array of varied courses some of which can be found at either one of their campuses. Here is a list of courses offered;

  1. Agriculture and Game Management ( Port Elizabeth, Addo)
  2. Agriculture Management (George Campus)
  3. Applied Language Studies
  4. Architectural Technology and Interior Design
  5. Architecture
  6. Art and Design
  7. Biochemistry and Microbiology
  8. Botany
  9. Building and Human Settlement Development
  10. Business Management
  11. Ceramic Design
  12. Chemistry
  13. Civil Engineering
  14. Computing Sciences
  15. Construction Management
  16. Criminal and Procedural Law
  17. Development studies
  18. Dietetics
  19. Drawing
  20. Economics

To further browse through the other course, an applicant can visit https://www.mandela.ac.za/

Note that for Financial Accounting, Applied Accounting, Management Accounting or Auditing and Taxation, applicants are advised to pay a visit to the School of Accounting

NMU Application Fee

Application fees of R500 are to be paid by students with a receipt or proof of payment submitted together with application forms. You may pay these fees by bank transfer or online credit card payment.

The application fee is not refundable and is not an assurance of admission.

NMU Registration Fee

Interested applicants are mandated to pay a registration fee of R1420 to Nelson Mandela University. This fee will in no way be refunded. Paying the fee again is not a guarantee that your application has been accepted and admission is secured.

The fee can either be paid in cash, with a credit card or a direct bank deposit or through an Electronic Funds Transfer known popularly as EFT. For cash payments, it should be made at the cashier’s office, Kramer Building, Middle Campus.

Application Date at NMU

Nelson Mandela University has not opened applications just yet. The application window is typically between May and September each year. 

Applicants who are interested in undergraduate, advanced, postgraduate, master’s, and doctorate have all these windows to adequately prepare all the required documents needed for the application process.

The application window is anticipated to open in May all through to September 2022. The closing dates for undergraduates’ and postgraduates qualifications will be closed in September 2022.

How to Download Acceptance Letter

  1. Log in to the NMU admission status portal and log in with your details
  2. If your application was accepted, details will pop up for you to download the forms
  3. To accept, click on https://webapps.mandela.ac.za/confirmoffer/


NMU has made it possible for students to download, view and print prospectus. To download;

  1. NMU Undergraduate Prospectus-  Download PDF
  2. NMU Postgraduate Prospectus- Download PDF
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