Z83 Form- How To Apply Online

What is Z83 Form

The Z83 form has come to be known as an application for employment form because of its basic task. This form was gazetted on November 1st, 2020, and began full operation in January 2021.

When the government is looking forward to employing people, it most definitely cannot interview all the numerous people who apply for that particular position.

The form is designed in a way that helps government institutions choose the right and efficient candidate for a job.

There has to be some sort of system to sort out applicants so it makes it easier for the government to categorize those who made it to the interviewing stage and that is when the Z83 forms come to play.

Purpose of the Z83 Form

  1. The purpose of the form is to aid the government in cutting down the size of applicants for a job to a specified number that will make it to the interview stage
  2. It is also to give potential applicants for a job a chance of getting employment as only those who filled and completed the form will make it to the interview stage

Who is Eligible to Fill Out The Z83 Form

In as much as the Z83 forms seek to increase the chances of the unemployed finding a suitable job, it is not for everyone. This means that it is not for everyone looking to get a job.

The form is only privy to people who apply for an advertised position in a government institution.

How To Fill a Z83 Form

The Z83 form comes in 7 sections. These sections come with their requirements and applicants are supposed to fill them out completely with the required information.

Section A

  1. The position you are applying for
  2. Department where the position was advertised
  3. Reference number
  4. Your availability to start the job if employed
  5. Applicants must make sure to get the correct spellings of words, not to forget the reference number and the department they are applying to

Section B

  1. Here is where applicants key in their personal information
  2. This includes the date of birth, passport number, race, gender, disability, country of origin plus more
  3. Besides these, most of the remaining questions are limited to a yes and no answer

Section C

  1. Here, applicants have to submit the mode of communication they will prefer if and when they are selected for an interview
  2. Applicants must add their contact details in this section as well— email address, fax, telephone number and postal address details

Section D

  1. Here, applicants are to enter the number of languages they are proficient in
  2. Applicants can enter as many as five languages
  3. Applicants are also to add which one of these languages they express themselves in when it comes to the writing aspect
  4. They are to enter which one they can read too

Section E

  1. Here is where applicants fill out their qualifications
  2. They can add as many as four qualifications
  3. The name of the school and the year that qualification was achieved
  4. Applicants must make sure that they bring the current ones first

Section F

  1. Here is where you add your working experiences
  2. When the contract started
  3. When the contract ended
  4. The department you worked in must also be included

Section G

  1. Here applicants must provide three references
  2. This should include the relationship they have with the reference
  3. Their occupation and also their contact details

Section H

  1. Sign and declaration
  2. Applicants are supposed to sign to confirm that everything they have keyed on the form is right and legal

Z83 Form- How To Apply Online

  1. Information provided by applicants is going to be kept confidential unless it is mandated by law
  2. Details must align with details on the identification card
  3. Non-South African citizens will have to provide their passport 
  4. The information provided is to help the department to comply with the Employment Equity Act 1998
  5. The executive authority shall conduct a background check to see if the applicant has any criminal record
  6. Applicants may submit additional information if the spaces provided on the form are not enough
  7. The department must also accept all documents that come with the forms
  8. Applicants must make sure to sign the form

Is The Z83 Form Editable?

The simple answer here is that the form is edible. The PDF version has an editable and uneditable version. Also, the DOCX is equally edible. Applicants who do not have unimpressive handwriting are advised to use the edible versions to avoid mistakes.

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