How To Apply Online To University Of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN)

You are going to find the breakdown of how to apply for admission at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), on both online and hardcopy paper-based application forms. Your dream of tertiary education; and of course at UKZN is a step away.

UKZN Application Breakdown

UKZN application comes in two forms; online application portal and hardcopy paper-based application forms. Applicants applying for admission at UKZN are encouraged to do so as early as possible to avoid delay and application turndown.

South African Students will need to submit their application through the Central Applications Office (CAO) whiles foreign applicant will need to apply directly to the UKZN.

Note: Applicants should apply to UKZN with only one of the application formats.  

UKZN Online Application

Applicants are advised to apply to UKZN through Central Application Office (CAO).

Things You Need To Apply to UKZN

  1. Applicants will need an email address to complete the application. 
  2. South Africans students will need Senior Certificate/ National Senior certificate which are the Grade 11 or Grade 12 certificates. Foreign student applicants will need an equivalent qualification certificate for UKZN application.
  3. South African applicants will need an ID number. Foreign applicants will need a passport number.
  4. The UKZN application process makes use of the Central Applications Office (CAO).  You will need to submit your application through this portal.
  5. Applicants should make sure requirement documents are ready to upload before starting the application process.
  6. Please note that if you are an international student, you will need to apply directly to the UKZN

How to Apply to UKZN Via Online

Note: Student Applicants are advised to recheck if the application portal they are applying through is the official CAO online application portal.

  1. Applicants should read through to their understanding the application instructions before filling the forms.
  2. Applicants should make corrections to all errors in filling their details before clicking on the submit button.
  3. Applicants should upload all required qualification documents in a pdf format.
  4. Applicants will receive SMS from CAO with all final offers once they receive applicants certified copy of Grade 11 or Grade 12 

The above procedure is the simple but very important details to consider to be able to successfully apply to UKZN via online.

Now, let us get to know about UKZN hardcopy paper application forms.

Apply to UKZN Via Hardcopy Paper Application Forms.

This application form is the hardcopy application forms that student applicants who do not prefer the online application can use.

Things You Need To Apply To UKZN

These are the same as that of the online application. You may scroll up and read again if you didn’t grab them. 

Submitting UKZN Hardcopy Paper-base Application

After successfully filling your application forms, you’ll need to submit together with all required application qualification documents through UKZN postal address.

University of KwaZulu-Natal
Applications and Information Office

UKZN Application Fees

There are two different UKZN application fees. One is for South African Students and the other for International Student Applicants.

  1. South African Students applicants will need to pay a non-refundable fee of R240.
  2. International applicants will need to pay a non-refundable fee of R300.  

UKZN Residence Accommodation

Student applicants, both local and international don’t have to worry about where to stay to study at UKZN when admitted. 

UKZN provides residence accommodation to students who apply for the services.

How To Apply For UKZN Resident Accommodation

Applicants for admission should note that there is no separate application for UKZN residence accommodation. Meaning, applicants will have the chance to indicate in their application forms if they want UKZN residence accommodation.

These are how to apply to UKZN for admission. Applicants may also want to contact UKZN for further information about anything; they can visit the official website of UKZN, which is University Of KwaZulu-Natal

Alternatively, you can contact UKZN via the email or the telephone number below

Email:[email protected]:(031) 260 8596
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