SASSA Grant 2022 – How To Apply Online

In order to apply for the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)grants, you will need to show evidence of your identity. This involves having a South African identity book or a birth certificate. However, any individual who does not have any of the two can in any case apply for the grant. Other groups of people such as refugees, can also apply by providing the Section 24 license as evidence of refugee status. Anyone who wants to apply can get much information about other documents needed from the nearest SASSA office. 

Steps to apply and things to note

  • You have to apply at the SASSA office which is close to you 
  • In case you are an old or debilitated individual who is unable to go to the office to apply, then, a relative or companion can apply on your behalf with a letter from you as a candidate approving the application 
  • You might call the SASSA office to demand a home visit and your form can be filled in the presence of a SASSA official. 
  • When done with your application, you will be given a receipt. 
  • Endeavor to keep this receipt safe as this is your solitary evidence that you applied for a grant.  
  • There is no cash involved in the application process so be sure not to pay anything to anyone. 
  • If your application was not successful, you will be contacted and the reasons why it was declined will be explained. 
  • If your application was declined, you have the privilege to demand SASSA to reevaluate the decision.  
  • In the event that the reevaluated choice is as yet troublesome, you reserve the privilege to speak to the Minister of Social Development. 
  • The solicitation for SASSA to reevaluate its choice should be made within 90 days of you being educated regarding the result of your application. 

When Grants are awarded

In the event that your award is endorsed, you will be paid from the date on which you applied, except if you have applied for a cultivate kid award. Foster child grants are mostly disbursed from the date of court arrangement.

SASSA Application/Download Application Form 2021

The South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA)normally calls for applications. The agency has the mandate to ensure the provision of comprehensive social security services against vulnerability and poverty within the constitutional and legislative framework.

To apply for a social security service, the following is required;  

  • SA ID number with name and last name as indicated on ID 
  • Sex of individual 
  • Disability status 
  • Banking details
  • Contact details
  • Evidence of being a South African resident

Getting applications forms are possible electronically and this can be done by sending a message to 0600 123 456 through WhatsApp and choosing the Sassa choice. One other way of going ahead with your application is to send an email to the address: [email protected]

The government is also exploring other avenues which will incorporate an SMS stage and a help desk contact details and an online application system. 

Additionally, the agency is also doing its best not to leave behind people who in one way or the other do not have banking details.

You can also visit the Sassa Official Website via

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