How To Track Wits Application Status And Access Prospectus

All applications made to the University of the Witwatersrand always go through a series of reviews before the final verdict of the application is passed where students get to access the application process. As referred to as Wits application status, this is where applicants go through anxiety as they are yet to know the decision ahead. 

When a decision is made, all that an applicant must do is track the application status. This article is a guideline to help applicants go through all steps to check their Wits application status.

Does It Take Long Before Wits University Responds To Applicants?

With applications made online, normally applicants do get an acknowledgment letter identifying the receipt of an applicant’s application. Getting an acknowledgment doesn’t mean an automatic qualification to Wits University but a prospective student must track their application status from the 3rd week of application. 

How To Check Wits Application Status

With the current state at which the world is evolving around technology, it deems institutions right to also migrate to the technological wind which is fast spreading, and yes the University of the Witwatersrand is glad to be part. To check Wits’ Application status, the university has created a platform called Self Service which a prospective student can use to apply to Wits. 

With application status tracking, an applicant needs to follow these few steps to help track Wits Application status.

Step 1

An applicant must visit the University of the Witwatersrand’s official website via

Step 2

When the website is fully loaded, on your top far left is the “MENU” kindly click on it

Step 3

Navigate your mouse and click on “STUDY @ WITS” and subsequently click on “APPLY ONLINE”

Step 4

You will need to provide your “TEMPORARY ID” and “PASSWORD” given during your application 

Step 5

After filling in the necessary details, you will be directed to a portal that has track your application status.

In other circumstances, an applicant can place a call to the registry at Wits to know their application status. Such calls a made through the call center number 011 717 1888 

Wits Prospectus

Are you a student and want to apply to wits university? Well first of all before any application is made, all applicants must have access to Wits Prospectus. 

With Wits Prospectus, contains detailed information about the university and also helps applicants to select the programs they best fit within their requirements.

Prospectus can be accessed on Wits official website via

Better still applicants can also download the PDF file format of Wits Prospectus here.
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