How To Check DUT Application Status And Prospectus

As the only merged university in South Africa and founded in the year 2016, Durban University of technology has contributed massively to the growth of tertiary education in the country. 

With a total population of 33,000, DUT University year in year out gets numerous applications from prospective applicants wanting to join the global award-winning university. 

No wonder they were awarded the 2021 Global Award for Innovation and Excellence in Internationalization by the Association of International Education Administrators. Currently, the university has seven campuses. 

With DUT, an applicant after applying to the university has the access to check their application status. If you have an application with DUT, an applicant can stick and stay as we guide them through a few steps that an applicant can use to track their application status with DUT. 

How Long Does DUT Take To Respond?

At the Durban University of Technology according to the registrar’s office, prospective applicants only can start tracking their application status from the 6th week after applying to the university. 

Steps To Access DUT Application Status

When it gets to this stage of any application, applicants are normally a bit skeptical but we trust every applicant who made an application to Durban University Technology would be accepted to pursue their preferred programs. 

Though some applicants have their worries as far as tracking application status with DUT is concerned, we would assure any applicant who follows all our steps below to be able to access their application status. GOOD LUCK!!!


An applicant must first visit CAO’s official website via  


After the website is fully loaded, an applicant must navigate their mouse cursor to “APPLICATION REGISTRATION INFORMATION” which has a submenu then you navigate your mouse to “APPLICATION” then click on “CHECK YOUR STATUS”


Provide details of either of these three “CAO NUMBER”, “ID NUMBER” or “PASSPORT NUMBER”


Navigate your mouse to “SUBMIT” to sign in and access your application status. 

DUT Prospectus

Are you looking for how to access the Durban University of Technology prospectus? Are you a prospective applicant wanting to enroll in DUT? Well, the first step is getting access to DUT’s prospectus. 

The Durban University of Technology has made its prospectus accessible for new and old applicants to have a general idea about the university. 

With DUT, their prospectus is termed as a handbook. An applicant must visit to be able to access their handbook. 

When the website is fully loaded, navigate your mouse cursor to “APPLICATION REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION” and click on “HANDBOOKS”. 

After the handbook page is fully loaded you will see “GENERAL HANDBOOK” on your left. Click on it and you will have access to Durban University Prospectus.
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