How To Check CPUT Application Status and Prospectus

15 years down the line, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) as the only technology in the Western Province of South Africa has grown since its inception. CPUT has been ranked at number 2381 in the world’s list of Universities and also number 16 in the country. 

It is also classified as the biggest university in Western Cape with a total student population of 32,000. No wonder students are always on the heist to be part of the biggest growing and fastest university. 

More times after application an applicant goes through a stage-out outfit has termed it as ‘DILEMMA’ as from application all an applicant gets to think about it was their application accepted, was it declined, and other related questions. 

Well with all these questions, an applicant can get answers after checking their application status with the University. In this piece, we have outlined the steps an applicant must use to track their application status with CPUT. 

How To Track Cape Peninsula University of Technology Application Status

Before an applicant can track their application status with CPUT, they must first have successfully applied with the university. If such a step is done an applicant can track and trace their application status with CPUT. 

When Does CPUT Respond To An Application

Once an application is made successfully to CPUT, the university will acknowledge receiving the application via SMS. NB: Remember such a message received via SMS is not in any form of you being accepted to CPUT.

An applicant can only be accepted to CPUT after tracking their application status and finding out they have been offered admission. All applicants with CPUT can only track their application status CPUT after six weeks after applying to Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Steps To Check CPUT Application Status


A prospective applicant must first visit CPUT’s official website via 


Once the website is fully loaded, navigate your mouse cursor to menu list titled  “STUDY AT CPUT” which would subsequently open subheadings then you click on “TRACK APPLICATION STATUS”


An applicant would be asked to provide their “ID, PASSPORT, ASYLUM NUMBER” or better still provide “STUDENT NUMBER” either of them is accepted.


An applicant “FULL FIRST NAME” must be provided


Click on “GET MY APPLICATION STATUS” to view your admission stands with CPUT

NB: CPUT has types of admission status results including Pending Review, Requires Action, Complete, and Undergraduate Admission Decisions just to mention a few. All these have their explanations and what it means when you get any of the aforementioned admission jargon. 

Pending Review: This simply means the application is being reviewed by the appropriate authorities to assess if the needed documents were sent during the application to finally pass out a verdict. 

Requires Action: With this, the university is alerting the applicant about maybe a certain document that is not part of a part of the application was not attended to which needs to be resolved. 

Complete: Basically what this means is all the required documents and necessary steps to apply with the university were done successfully.

Admitted: With this, an applicant is 100% assured of admission to a specific program

Provisional Admission: With this, an applicant’s admission is tagged with a faculty-specific provision

Cleared Provisional Admission: This means all requirements to the specific admission have been met. In simple terms, one can say admission is confirmed. 

Ineligible: this simply means an application made for a certain program was denied. This happens mostly when the needed requirements were not met. 

Quota Filled: With this, an applicant must understand though their requirements for the said course were met then the program was a competitive resulting in their application not being granted to the said program

Canceled: This is self-explanatory as it means the application was canceled. 

How To Find CPUT Prospectus

Prospectus always forms a pivotal role as far as application to a University is concerned. It gives an applicant a fair idea as to what is expected of them from the university before applying. With CPUT assessing the prospectus is simple. With a click via a prospective applicant can assess CPUT prospectus. 

Another alternative is an uploaded PDF file of the CPUT prospectus below. 

CPUT Undergraduate Prospectus 2022 – Download PDF

CPUT Postgraduate Prospectus 2022 – Download PDF

CPUT International Prospectus 2022 – Download PDF
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