DUT Application Status And Prospectus

With seven campuses to their portfolio no wonder Durban University of Technology (DUT) keeps winning. As their motto goes ‘’LEARN, THINK and DO’’ the university keeps surprising other institutes as it is currently named the Global Award for Innovation and Excellence in Internationalization. 

As formed in 2002, the University has produced numerous personalities including the likes of Alan Khan, Jeremy Maggs among others. 

With such an education boost to the economic growth of the country, each year students take turns to apply with Durban University of Technology. After applying, a student needs to know if he was accepted to the University or not. 

In this article, we have outlined how a prospective student can track his/her application status with the Durban University Of Technology DUT. 

How To Accessing DUT Application Status

Application status comes with its own issues. Most times applicants find it difficult in tracking their application status. In most cases, they tend to forget to track their application status resulting in them being denied admission to the Durban University of Technology.

Here is a step by step guide to help every applicant wanting to track his/her application status with Durban University of Technology DUT


Visit https://www.cao.ac.za/myapplicationlogin.aspx


Pick either your CAO number, ID Number, Passport Number and enter the details in the box provided. After clicking on ‘’SUBMIT’’ to view your application status 

DUT Prospectus

Prospectus forms a core value in an applicant’s quest to enroll in a university. A prospectus gives prospective applicants a fair idea as to what the University requires from a student before applying to the University. 

With the Durban University of Technology, an aspiring student can access the prospectus by reading the DUT prospectus.  

In some cases when an applicant does not understand a certain clause in the prospectus of finding some challenges can email DUT via [email protected] or place a phone call through 031 373 2000 and your issue would be resolved. 

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