How To Access MUT Application Status And Prospectus

Getting admission into the university is every student’s dream! With such admission, students feel their effort to be able to be part of the corporate world is just a step away. 

With the Mangosuthu University of Technology situated in Durban with its beautiful view overlooking the Indian Ocean, MUT has contributed to the education sector whilst every year numerous applications are being made. 

At the Mangosuthu University of Technology, all applications made successfully by prospective applicants do undergo various steps before a decision is made and such applications can only be tracked by a mechanism created by the Mangosuthu University of Technology. 

During checking of applications, most applicants are scared as to what awaits them by the decision made by the MUT registrar’s office. In this article, we have outlined the steps which every applicant who wants to check their application status with MUT can do by using these few steps. 

How To Access Mangosuthu University of Technology Prospectus

The prospectus gives in-depth detail about the university. With MUT accessing the prospectus can be solely done via the school’s official website. 

With the prospectus, applicants get to know every faculty and their courses, fees, resident fees, registration, and every detail concerning the university. 

An applicant must follow this prospectus link.

Also, an applicant can also download the MUT prospectus. 

MUT Application Status 

If you are an applicant and want to check your Mangosuthu University of Technology application status, worry not as we have detailed few steps which an applicant can use to track their status. 


First an applicant must visit 


Scroll your mouse cursor to below the menu and click on “CHECK MY APPLICATION”


Provide details for any of these three “ID NUMBER”, “STUDENT NUMBER” or “PASSPORT NUMBER”


Click on submit to view your application status

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