How To Check UNIVEN Application Status And Prospectus

Univen Application Status- Are you a prospective student waiting for your admission status to the University of Venda? Have you applied to study with Univen and yet to know what decision is ahead? Are you wondering how to find out your Univen application status? Well, enough of these questions, as in this article, we have a detailed step-by-step guide to help applicants want to track their Univen application status. 

Before we outlined the steps, one key element during applications to Univen was having access to Univen Prospectus. As a guide manual for every student, it helps shape and gives you in-depth information about the university. 

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Univen Prospectus

With Univen, accessing the prospectus is simple. All that an applicant must do is visit the official website of UNIVEN via

After the website has opened fully, scroll your mouse cursor to “APPLY” on the menu area and click on it, opening a new page. On the new page on your left side, you will see prospectus; click on it, and bingo, your UNIVEN prospectus is there. 

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How To Check Univen Application Status

After a prospective online application to the University of Venda Univen, applicants must track their univen application status. The application status gives an applicant a fair idea of the decision made by authorities of University of Venda.

Below are the few steps an applicant can use to track Univen online application status

Step 1

Kindly visit, which is the official website of the University of Venda.

Step 2

On the menu area, navigate your mouse cursor to “APPLY” and click on it, subsequently opening a new page with information.

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Step 3

On the new page, check on the left side of your computer or phone and scroll your mouse cursor to “Check Application and Admission Status,” and click on it.

Step 4

At this stage, you will see “Check Admission Status” with a “SEARCH” tap click on the “SEARCH” tap, which will eventually open a new page.

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Step 5

On the new page, you will provide either ID/Passport Number after clicking on “SUBMIT” to view your application status.

We wish all applicants the best while tracking their University of Venda application status.

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