Unisa Vacancies – How To Apply

This article is to provide information to all persons, whether employed or unemployed seeking about Unisa vacancies. It will further talk about UNISA as a whole, some of the courses the school offers, the school’s accreditation, and importantly, where there is a vacancy and how to grab it within the shortest possible time.

The University of South Africa, commonly referred to as UNISA, is 149 years old. It was established in 1873. UNISA can be said to be the biggest and largest university in South Africa and to meet that mark, it enrolls an estimated 400,000 students every academic year which includes people from South Africa and 130 other countries.

UNISA has four campuses and two other academic regional offices with its head office located in Pretoria, Gauteng.

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In 2015, UNISA bagged the 6th position by the Times Higher Education. It is accredited by the South African Department of Education and the Council of Higher Education and registered with the South African Qualification Authority.

UNISA has eight faculties under which are several departments that offer courses and qualifications suited for the individual applicants.

To study at UNISA, you will have to meet the minimum entry requirement and at least a minimum AP score of 20. It must be noted that you cannot study any course at UNISA if you have not written your matric exams.

Colleges with UNISA include College of Capetown, East Cape Midland College, False Bay College, Northlink College, Letaba College, Gert Sibande College, etc.

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What Is UNISA Employee Benefit?

Most often than not, there are a lot of benefits employees get to benefit from in addition to their competitive salaries and UNISA is not any different. The university offers a wide range of benefits to its employees.

As proof of this generosity by UNISA, some employees have been with the school for more than three decades and all of that is notable evidence that the university indeed takes care of its own.

Notable amongst these employee benefits are;

  • Leave for employees which allows them to have enough rest and get their energies back after all the months of hard work
  • Vacations
  • Research and development 
  • Employees are given ready access to personal development opportunities
  • Employees are given the chance to bargain for their competitive salaries which are backed by the Enterprise bargaining agreement
  • They are given an annulation contribution of up to 17%
  • Employees are UNISA enjoy flexible working conditions
  • A vast array of salary options which may include leasing of vehicles, laptops, and car parking fees
  • Corporate Health Insurance
  • Social amenities that are available on all campuses and can be enjoyed and utilized by all staff members

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UNISA Vacancies- How To Apply

At any given time, one could be working for UNISA that is if they meet all requirements and ace their interviews concerning the job they are applying for. The management of UNISA has established that they see to it that they make the recruitment process as easy and uncomplicated as they possibly can.

Unisa Vacancies

Applicants may either apply online or manually. The recruitment process may take up to 90 working days.

To apply, follow these steps;

  • To kickstart the process, the applicant will need to create an account with UNISA at the official website
  • After the account has been created, the applicant may proceed to login into their account
  • Once in, select a job profile, making sure that you qualify for that job that you have selected
  • Continue by filling in the application form with your details
  • Once you have filled and completed the form, click on submit and wait for the session to be completed
  • All applicants are advised to have a printed version of their application form handy so they use it when it is demanded

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A List Of Administrative Vacancies At UNISA with Closing Dates

  • Gauteng Region

Position- Administrative Assistant (P12)x28

Closing Date- 15th October 2023

  • Gauteng Region

Position- Administrative Assistant (P12)x41

Closing Date- 15th October 2023

  • Gauteng Region

Position- Administrative Assistant (P12)x78

Closing Date- 15th October 2023

  • Planning and Quality Assurance

Position- Chief Analyst (P5)x 1 post

Closing Date- 8th October 2023

  • University Estate

Position- Quantity Surveyor

Closing Date- 24th September 2023

  • Portfolio: Registrar

Position- Senior Student Counsellor: KZN region: Durban

Closing Date: 21st October 2023

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Unisa Vacancies – How To Apply As A TA At UNISA

To apply to be a teaching assistant at the UNISA and be considered for the position, the applicant needs to meet the following requirements;

  • You must make sure that you are not currently working as a teaching assistant
  • The applicant has to again make sure that they are not a UNISA fixed term or permanent member of staff
  • Fluency in English with good communication skills
  • You must make sure that you are patient, tolerant, and sensitive enough to deal with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Residential Address
  • Identification details and a passport number if you are applying as a foreigner

How To Apply For Unisa Vacancies

  • Go to UNISA’s official page
  • Click on vacancies and choose the teaching assistant job that you qualify for
  • Make sure the vacancy you are choosing right fits your qualification and proceed to download the application form
  • Fill and complete the application form by providing your basic details after which you add all your documents and supporting documents
  • Cross-check once again and proceed to submit the forms at the given address in the vacancy.

List of UNISA Vacancies in 2022

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