How To Check UFS Application Status And Prospectus

Have you applied to the University of the Free State this year? Are you feeling anxious about your UFS application status? We know how a prospective applicant can be nervous about the application status. Yet, the Bloemfontein-based university has designed an online platform for applicants to access their application status through their official website.

As the only university to first appoint a black vice-chancellor, the University of Free State doubles as the first established higher learning tertiary in 1904.

The university has a total student population of 37,000.

With their motto “In Truth is the Light of Wisdom,” no wonder every year applicants seek to seek wisdom from UFS. the numerous application submitted each year tells the impact the University of Free State is impacting Students in South Africa. 

Currently, the University of Free State is ranked in the eighth position during this year’s South African University ranking.

Not only is UFS providing access to track application status but also UFS prospectus. With the UFS prospectus, an applicant gets valuable information regarding the University of Free State. The prospectus book offers courses offered in the institution, faculties, rules, and other vital information. 

So to access the UFS prospectus and application status, relax as we have documented a step-by-step guide to help applicants. 

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How Long Does It Take Before UFS Responds To An Applicant

An applicant can start tracking their UFS application status six to eight weeks after applications are closed. The authorities are trying to communicate that applications go through many processes, including sorting and reviewing before the final verdict.

How To Check UFS Application Status 2022

How I check my UFS application status is the question that always comes to mind for applicants after applications are submitted. Since technology has taken over, accessing UFS application status can be done via their website. Below is a step-by-step guide to tracking the UFS application

Step 1

Kindly visit the university of free state’s official website via

Step 2

Once the website is fully opened, navigate your mouse cursor to the menu section labeled ‘STUDENTS” and click on it, opening a new page. On the newly opened page, scroll your mouse to “STUDENT SELF SERVICE” and click on it, which eventually should take you to the Kovsielife homepage.

Step 3

On the Kovsielife homepage, you will find three boxes with options. Navigate your mouse to the second option titled “STUDENT SELF SERVICE” and click on it, leading you to the “Oracle Peoplesoft System.”

Step 4

At this stage, you would need to provide “USERNAME” and “PASSWORD” and click on the sign-in, which would navigate you to Student Services Center homepage. When the page is fully loaded, navigate your mouse to “ACADEMICS” and click “VIEW APPLICATION” status.

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How To Access UFS Prospectus

Accessing the UFS prospectus is vital in your quest to be a student at the university. With UFS, a prospective applicant can access their application by following these few steps below. 


Visit, which happens to be the official website for the University of Free State.


Navigate your mouse cursor to the mid-page of the website homepage and click on “PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS,” which will open a new webpage. 


Scroll your mouse cursor to the ” UNDERGRAD ” menu, which has a submenu, then click “UFS PROSPECTUS 2023”. Navigate your mouse to the PDF Format of “UFS Undergraduate Prospectus 2023_edition 2” and click on it to download or view the prospectus. 

UFS Contact

In cases where an applicant is facing difficulties regarding the application, tracking the UFS application and accessing the UFS prospectus can contact UFS via +27 51 401 9111 or +27 51 401 9111

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