Track SMU Application Status and Prospectus

Did you apply to Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU) this year? Are you wondering what next after applying to SMU? Well, worry not, as this article has outlined the steps an applicant can use to check their SMU Application status. 

As we know, applying to a university is one part of the admission process, and how to tell if your application was successful or not is another hurdle that must be crossed. 

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Applicants are often uncertain when tracking their application status as they don’t know the decision ahead. But in all, it is better to know your faith than to be kept in suspense.

SMU’s contribution to the South African education sector has been immense. Before its current name (Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University), the institution was named after one of ANC’s leaders; Sefako Makgatho was called the Medical University of South Africa. 

The Gauteng Province-based university, Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU), has designed an online platform where applicants can track their application status. Since technology has taken the forefront of the world, it deems the institution fit to migrate their application status online.

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How long does it take to hear back from SMU?

Though an email is received 2-3 days after an application is submitted, It also takes Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU) four weeks to finalize a decision on an application after reviewing. After the estimated period, an applicant can start tracking their application status. 

Access SMU Application Status

As mentioned earlier, SMU has designed a way prospective applicants can track their application status. Below is a written guided step as to how SMU application status can be tracked 

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Step 1 – Visit the SMU website

Applicants must first visit the student portal. 

Step 2 – Applicants’ Details

When the page is loaded, the applicant must provide their student number. Again you would be asked as an applicant if you have an application with SMU, and the answer to the question is YES. After clicking on the link provided and head to the login page. 

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Step 3 – Knowing your SMU application 

After the details are been provided, an applicant can view their SMU application status.

SMU Prospectus

As a student wanting to enroll in Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, the first step is to access the prospectus. The prospectus is a complete guide that helps applicants know every piece of information about the institution. 

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Courses, registration, and application procedures form part of the prospectus. With SMU, accessing the prospectus can be done via their official website. 

Below is a documented steps that a prospective applicant can use to get their SMU prospectus

Step 1 – SMU Website

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 Prospective applicants must first visit 

Step 2 – Surfing the Website

Navigate your mouse cursor to the menu section tagged “STUDENTS,” which has a drop-down menu named “APPLY,” which also subsequently has another drop-down menu; then click on “UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS.”

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Step 3

When the “UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS” page is opened, scroll your mouse cursor to “SMU 2022/2023 Undergraduate Prospectus” below is the Online SMU 2022/2023 Prospectus click on it to view the SMU application status. 

NB: Applicant can skip all these hurdles and access the SMU prospectus straight by visiting
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