NMU Application Status And Prospectus

Are you a prospective student eagerly waiting to know your final faith with Nelson Mandela University after application? Wondering if you have been accepted to the only university which bears the most prominent man in Africa Nelson Madiba Mandela?

Well, look no further as your authoritative student blog has outlined the steps and procedures an applicant can use to track their NMU application status. 

As their motto implies ‘Change The World”, Nelson Mandela University has been able to change the world through education as currently, it has over 50,000 students under its supervision. No wonder each year prospective students send in their applications hoping to gain admission to the prestigious university. 

Does It Take Long Before NMU Respond To Applications?

After an application is made to Nelson Mandela University, it goes through various stages before a final decision is made for a certain programme. With this, an applicant is assured of a duration estimation between four to six weeks.

How To Check Nelson Mandela University Application Status

Access NMU Application status has been made simple by the institutions. All a prospective applicant must do is just follow these few steps to check their application status. 

Step 1

Visit NMU’s official website via https://www.mandela.ac.za/

Step 2

When the website is fully loaded, navigate your mouse to the menu section labelled ‘STUDY @ MANDELA” and click on it.

Step 3

Scroll down to the mid-page of the website and click on “ADMISSION”

Step 4

After clicking on “ADMISSION” scroll your mouse cursor to “ADMISSION DASHBOARD” and click on it

Step 5

Your “STUDENT NUMBER” and “PIN” would be needed to fill this stage. These two pieces of information are provided during your application stage


Click on login to access your application status

All the best to all applicants wanting to enrol at NMU. 

NMU Prospectus 

Prospectus always plays a major part during applications. With Nelson Mandela University, students can easily access the NMU prospectus. 

With the NMU prospectus, it contains every single detail an applicant wanting to ink their name in the only university named after Nelson Mandela. It also helps students to know the requirements of each programme the institution offers. 

The NMU prospectus can be accessed in two folds, both offline and online. Follow these few steps and access the NMU prospectus online

1. Visit https://www.mandela.ac.za/ 

2. Navigate your mouse cursor to the top menu and click on “STUDY @ MANDELA”

3.  Scroll down and click on “DISCOVERY”

4. Under the discovery scroll the mouse cursor and click on “QUICK GUIDES”

5. Once the “QUICK GUIDES” page is fully opened you will see “PROSPECTUS” which beneath it has a variety of prospectus’ including GENERAL Prospectus

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