SASSA R350 Grant Application – How To Track

What is the R350 grant?

SASSA R350 grant is a special grant which was introduced by South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa after the world’s most deadly disease that swiped off the feet of numerous economies, and as a result, President Ramaphosa gave birth to this grant to help support citizen’s who cannot afford basic needs.

Applying For R350 social Relief Of Distress Grant

social Relief Of Distress Grant application is simple and straightforward. So for one to be enrolled on such a grant the following details must be within your means as it will help speed up the application.

  • Your full name and surname
  • Your ID number or home affairs permit number
  • Your gender
  • Your disability status
  • Your contact details
  • Your full address
  • Your bank details

Though a citizen must not send bank statements as well as ID as supporting documents, yet one will be made to sign a declaration consent which enables SASSA to verify all information provided.

The various ways you can apply for the R350 grant are as follows:

  • Apply via the website:
    • Enter your ID number and cellphone number
    • You will receive an OTP that you need to enter and click Verify
    • Agree to the terms and conditions and complete your information
  • Apply via WhatsApp
    • Send a WhatsApp message to 082 046 8553
    • The chat will prompt you to provide your personal details
    • You will receive a reference number, an OTP, and a website link
    • Click on the link and insert the OTP, and click Verify
    • Provide your Surname and ID number and confirm your details as per the details provided in the chat
    • Go on to step 2, and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Apply via the SASSA Chat Bot
    • Open your internet browser and search for
    • Click on the SRD R350 grant assistance chatbox
    • Provide your ID number and cellphone number
    • Choose ‘I want to apply for SRD R350 grant’
    • The chatbot will then give you a link to the SRD website and you can follow the steps on the website

Applications for the R350 SASSA Social relief of distress grants are now open. For information please visit

Track Your Application Status

Tracking of application status can be done in a few ways. One of them is visiting the official website

Once the website is fully loaded, find the application status button and click on check online. You will provide the necessary information and submit it.

The second way is to check via WhatsApp. Add GovChat to WhatsApp with this number 082 046 8553, and send a message saying ‘status’. You will receive a message back with the status of your application.

The third way to check is by calling the call centre on the toll-free number: 0800 60 10 11

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