SAQA Application – A Complete Guide And Requirement

This article is to educate the general public about SAQA application and also requirements.

What Is SAQA

SAQA is an abbreviation for the South African Qualification Authority. The SAQA is commonly known as a legislative body regulated by the National Qualification Framework Act No.67 of 2008. The SAQA comprises 29 members who were appointed by the Minister of Education in liaison with the Minister of Labour.

The SAQA has the legal mandate to see to the development and the general implementation of the National Qualification Framework.

Vision Of SAQA

  • It is the vision of SAQA to become a worldly recognized National Qualification Framework that works effectively and efficiently for the people of South Africa

Mission Of SAQA

  • The mission of SAQA is further seen to the general development and implementation of the National Qualification Framework in a way that enhances its objectives by fully contributing to the eternal development of learners

What Is The Purpose of The SAQA?

The South African Qualification Authority has many purposes or roles it plays in the betterment of the qualification system. Listed below are some of these roles.

  • The SAQA makes sure that, all qualifications are registered accordingly and appropriately
  • The SAQA also sees to the overall maintenance and establishment of quality education within higher educational bodies
  • The SAQA equally oversees the development and the general implementation f the National Qualification Framework

What Are SAQA Requirements?

Here is a list of things one needs to get before applying to SAQA

  • An application form that has been fully completed with the applicant’s signature and dates visibly on it
  • The applicant must present a proof of identity and by this, we mean a certified identification be it a South African ID card or a passport, and must have a current stamp to ascertain that it is current and thus original
  • The applicant will also have to submit a proof of payment which should be made either through debit or credit or bank deposits. Applicants must note that Electronic Funds Transfer are not accepted
  • The applicant will also be required to present a consent form that has been signed by the qualification holder giving SAQA the authority to verify the authenticity of all qualifications
  • Applicants are also required to present their qualification documents

Things To Note About The Qualification Documents

  • SAQA will take photocopies of documents but they must be stamped by the official commissioner of oaths and must be visible enough to be read
  • All original documents are not supposed to be submitted with application forms unless otherwise requested
  • SAQA will not process any application until verification has been completed
  • Documents that are in a foreign language should be translated and accompanied by an affidavit

SAQA Application- How To Apply Online

To apply online, kindly follow these steps;

  • First and foremost, visit this link  to create an account. The account will require you to answer questions about your personal life concerning name, email address, identification, and cell phone number
  • After the account has been created, you can now log in using this link 
  • Once logged in, you are required to opt for a new application and then to the evaluation option
  • Click on next to proceed to complete the relevant sections
  • After filling and completing this form, the applicant is required to sign as a way of declaration before submitting the final document
  • Applicants must note that they will be required to fill the Saqa Application Form 2022 and print out the content form as well

How To Check SAQA Qualification?

There are two ways by which one can check their SAQA qualification. Applicants can either check it by ;

  • Going on the National Learners’ Records Database on
  • Or by visiting this link and following the prompts

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How Much Is SAQA Evaluation Fee?

For SAQA, the first qualification an applicant submits costs R1700 for just one application. If an individual wish to make a subsequent application, they will be required to pay R850 for all other submissions.

What Is SAQA Certificate?

In simple words, the SAQA certificate is a recognized certificate that helps to determine the academic qualification of an individual as registered by the National Qualification Framework.

How Do I Get A SAQA Certificate?

To get a SAQA Certificate, here are the basic steps to follow;

  • The first thing to do is to register for SAQA online
  • Proceed to present your receipt of submission number and proof of payment
  • The last thing to do is to submit all documents together with your printed online application form

Is A SAQA Certificate Necessary?

The answer to this question is sketchy. If one wishes to attend any South African institution, then they will need to pass through SAQA if and only that institution demands that one present a SAQA certificate.

Does It Take Long To Get SAQA Certificate?

SAQA has made it a point to process and present certificates to applicants within 15 days after the completed form has been received by the body.

How Can I Verify My SAQA Certificate?

Applicants can easily send an email to;


  1. The applicant can select their institute and upload their certificate
  2. Proceed to make payment and request verification
  3. Wait patiently to receive your verified certificate

Can SAQA Certificate Expire?

All the certificates that have been issued before the new certificates came to be will still be valid and will not be replaced. If you are a holder of an old certificate, do expect it to be changed.

How To Know If Your College Is Registered With SAQA

  1. Visit the Department of Education website and check if your school made the list or
  2. You can send an email to [email protected] to find out

How To Check SAQA Status

To check your SAQA status, do this;

  • Log in to your SAQA profile
  • Enter your username and your unique password
  • Submit and wait to read your status

SAQA Login- A Guide To Login

If the applicant already has an account, they just have to enter their email address and unique password here

If you don’t have an account, kindly visit this link to register

SAQA Contact Details

Head Office at Pretoria

Tel: 012 431 5000

Postal Address

Postnet Suite 248

Private Bag X06

Waterkloof, 0145

Street Address

SAQA House

1067 Arcadia Street, Hatfield

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