Unisa PGCE Online Application – A Complete Guide

Unisa PGCE – Suppose you are interested in becoming a professional teacher in South Africa but still do not know how to go about it. In that case, this article will give you an insight into the Unisa PGCE courses and all there is to know about them.

What Is PGCE

The Unisa PGCE stands for Postgraduate Certificate in Education. PGCE is not just any qualification, but a teaching qualification offered in the university and purposely targeted at graduates with the passion or aspirations to take teaching as a profession. 

The three primary sectors of Unisa’s business are Teaching, Research, and Community participation.

What Is The Purpose of The Unisa PGCE?

The Unisa PGCE sets out to work out one purpose, to serve as a professional capping qualification for all candidates who have already completed a 360 or 480-credit bachelor’s degree and not a BEd. The PGCE qualifications are credited to both online and distance learning students.

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Who Can Register For Unisa PGCE?

There are two groups of people who can register for Unisa PGCE. They are;

  • Applicants can only register if they receive confirmation from Unisa that the application they sent in is accepted.
  • Re-registration students can only register in the next academic year. In this context, the 2022/2023 academic.
  • Applicants who have applied to Unisa earlier but did not land an admission can apply again.
  • Students who are pursuing a higher certificate and have plans to pursue other undergraduate programs can apply.

What Qualification Do You Need Before Apply For Unisa PGCE?

It must be noted that, although there is a minimum entry requirement, the requirement will depend on the learner’s chosen program. To apply for any PGCE qualification at the University of South Africa, you will need the following;

  • Qualification Stream- English
  • Qualification Code- 90148- ENG
  • NQF- Level 7
  • Total Credit- 120
  • SAQA ID- 115549
  • APS/AS- 42

Other requirements include;

  • A Senior Certificate with an exemption
  • A relevant certified bachelor’s degree with either 360 or 480 credit
  • An equivalent National Diploma with 360 or 480 credits with English right up to third-year level or applied English up to third-year level with English 1
  • Applicant must also have completed studies in Computer Literacy.

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How Long Is PGCE at UNISA?

After completing the PGCE programme, and studying after an undergraduate program, you become a full-time teacher. The qualification typically lasts for a year. Usually, it starts from early September through to July and lasts for nine months. When on part-time, however, it may last for a more extended period.

How Long Do Teacher Training Courses Last?

When it comes down to the teacher’s training programmes under the PGCE usually take three to four years. For part-time courses, it will run from four to six years. However, if the learner has previous incredible credit in their undergraduate studies, they may be able to complete the PGCE programme within two years.

Unisa PGCE Online Process

To apply for any PGCE programme, kindly follow these steps;

What Are The Unisa PGCE Courses?

  • Teaching Practice 1 is further education and training
  • Teaching Practice 2 is the Senior Phase

Do You Need Unisa PGCE To Teach In South Africa?

The direct answer is yes. Nevertheless, there are two channels one can go through to become a professional teacher in South Africa. One could either study a Bachelor’s Degree program or go through a PGCE program.

Also, you can equally teach without either of these two if you have a qualified teacher status.


Previously, NSFAS saw to the funding of the Unisa PGCE programs. In recent times though, the NSFAS is no longer finding the PGCE course, which started in 2022, the 2021 academic year. These courses include postgraduate certificates, postgraduate diplomas, honors degrees, and masters and Ph.D. degrees.

Does Funza Lushaka Fund PGCE?

The Funza Lushaka Fund is in place to support teaching qualifications and students who are studying to become professional teachers. If you want to know that the Funka Lushaka bursary will fund you if you are studying under the PGCE courses, you will be funded by the bursary.

How Much Are Unisa PGCE Fees?

In 2023 Unisa PGCE fees will be as follows;

  • Semester Modules: R1,780.00 per semester
  • Year Modules: R1,815.00 per semester

Is Unisa PGCE Phasing Out?

According to the news, students still going through the PGCE programmes have until the end of 2022 to complete their PGCE programmes and meet all other requirements.

Are Unisa PGCE applications open for 2022?

Applicants willing to be part of the Unisa family under their Undergraduate qualifications, higher certificate, Advance diplomas, and other degree-related courses will be opening from August to October 2022

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