SA Learners Licence – How To Book And Apply Online

What is a Learner’s Licence

To be able to drive any vehicle freely and by all means, legally, a driver ought to be in the possession of a license. For novice drivers or first-time drivers, that is when the Learner’s Licence comes to play. The Learner’s Licence is a granted permit that certifies that an individual has basic knowledge of motor vehicles and is equally familiar with the rules that govern the roads. 

All holders of Learner’s Licence must be in the know that they will not be allowed any access to use roads unless they are being supervised by a licenced driver.

In a case where the vehicle being driven requires a professional driving permit, it means the licensed driver needs to be in the possession of that professional driving permit.

Types of Learner’s Licence

There are types of Learner’s Licences that are issued according to the merit of the vehicle in question or being driven. Below is a list of the types and their respective licence.

  1. Code 1- This is typically given to motorcycles with or without a sidecar, motor tricycle or quadricycle. Applicants of this licence must be 16 years and above on the day, they are taking the test to apply if the motorcycle engine does not exceed 125cc and 18 years and above if it exceeds 125cc.
  2. Code 2- This type is for motor vehicles that include a minibus, a bus or goods vehicle with the gross vehicular mass not exceeding 3500kg. Applicants must be 17 years or older on the day of the test.
  3. Code 3- This is for motor vehicles whose vehicular mass exceeds 3500kg. Applicants must be 18 years and above on the day of the testing.

What Should One Do Before Acquiring Learners Licence

For one to be eligible for a Learner’s Licence, they have to be in the possession of certain documents which may include what is listed below.

  1. An Identification document
  2. A black and white identity photograph. Applicants must make sure to contact and confirm with the DLTC the number of photos required
  3. The booking fee
  4. Proof of postal and residential address which include a utility bills. In a case where the utility bill is not in your name, the owner must provide an affidavit declaring that you are indeed a resident of that address and must be attached to the affidavit
  5. In a case where the applicant is an informal resident, they must present a letter with an official date and stamp from the ward councillor to confirm your postal and resident address

Price Of Learners Licence in South Africa

The average cost of the Learner’s Licence in 2022 is between R55 to R213. Applicants must take special note of the fact that this fee is likely to differ from one place to the next.

What Is The Duration Before One Gets Learners Licence

As soon as the licence is ready, the applicant will receive a message for its collection. It takes between four to six weeks for a Learner’s Licence to be ready for collection. The collection can be done at the DLTC office where you applied.

What Is the Expiry Date for Learner’s Licence?

Holders of Learner’s Licence cannot be in the possession of it for all eternity. This sort of license, casually called the temporary license is only valid for 24 months, that is two years. It must be noted that after it has expired, it cannot be extended.

Would One Classify Learner’s Test As Hard?

Just like anything in this world that requires dedication to be achieved, getting a Learner’s Licence requires the same effort. The most an applicant needs to grasp is the tons of road signs which probably may not be easy but importantly, possible.

How To Booking Learners Licence Online

To book for a Learner’s Licence online;

  1. Visit the official website of the National Traffic Information System
  2. Click on Book Now for Learner’s Licence Test
  3. Select the type of preferred licence and the category
  4. Fill in the application with the needed information
  5. Click on submit to complete the registration

What is The Price of Learner’s Booking

The booking fee for Learner’s Licence in 2022 differs from one place to the next. According to the Gauteng Provincial Government Website, however, it costs R108 with an additional R60 as a license issuing charge supposing the applicant passes the test.

In the Western Cape, the booking fee is R68 with a license issue charged at R33. Generally, the booking fee and the issuing fee ranges between R50 to R200 in the remaining provinces.

The booking fee must be paid within the first three days after booking.

Can A Learners Test Be Done Online?

As of January 2022, it was disclosed that the Learner’s Licence online by working through interactive learning and assessment course. Once the theoretical test has been passed, you will be given a Learner’s Permit.

This course is designed to focus on road rules, road safety, drivers’ attitudes and behaviours which will give the best possible start before they get behind the steering wheel.

To use this service, applicants can visit this link:

However, applicants using this medium must;

  1. 15 years and 9 months to be able to access it
  2. Must have their identities established
  3. Have a MySA GOV account created ( applicants need an email address that is not a school or shared account)
  4. Enrol in myLs (pay fees)

Looking for Learners Application Form? (Where To Find Application Forms)

Learner’s Licence forms have been made available for download, viewing and printing.

Leaner’s Licence Forms- PDF Download

Who To Contact In Your Province As Far As Learners Licence Is Concerned 

  1. The city of Johannesburg(link is external)
  2. City of Tshwane
  3. City of Cape Town
  4. Nelson Mandela Bay
  5. Eastern Cape municipalities
  6. Free State municipalities
  7. Gauteng municipalities
  8. KwaZulu-Natal municipalities
  9. Limpopo municipalities
  10. Mpumalanga municipalities
  11. North West municipalities
  12. Northern Cape municipalities
  13. Western Cape municipalities

Pass Mark of the Learner’s Licence Test

The Learner’s Licence test sheet has about 30 questions on the rules of the road and learners are required to make a 77% score that is 23/30 or higher.
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