How To Register With Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

Youth in every country’s citizenry is very pivotal and helps grow the economy of every country. As the future leaders of tomorrow the best effort a country’s government can offer its youth is to create employment for its people. With youth, a country is guaranteed its safety and its major growth. 

With a total populace of 20.6 million contributing about 35% of the entire population, it has become a necessity to help decrease the unemployment rate in South Africa. With individuals, organizations, religious bodies, government institutions, and a host of others putting in maximum effort to help the youth acquire, if not the best of jobs for their preference, at least trying to reduce the unemployment rate.

Though a lot of South African youth are not well vested with information as far as employment is concerned, others have been able to find their way through to help secure a job with others still dancing and drumming to the tune of unemployment. 

Heard of Harambee? If yes then it would be nice to say volar if not then my dear brothers and sister then you are at the right place at the right time. 

With their sole responsibility of reducing unemployment in our society, since its inception, lots of youth have benefited from such an initiative which has constantly helped several young South Africans acquire a job.

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator – What It Entails

Harambee is a Kiswahili word that simply means ‘all put together’’. No wonder it is defined as a non-profitable organization whose core responsibility is to help our country’s economic growth by empowering and helping youth secure a job. 

The initiative which was introduced in 2011, has since grown to become a very vibrant scheme that has helped numerous youth acquire a job. 

With about over a million people under the scheme, the Harambee youth employment accelerator in the next few years would help if not eradicate the unemployment rate in South Africa would help minimize it to the lower rate. 

What is The Responsibility of Harambee

The main purpose of Harambee is to help reduce the unemployment rate by any means possible. Harambee is also creating a system that would help boost the continued growth of our economy through young and young at heart. If a country’s solid foundation solely depends on the youth that is why Harambee is creating a very strong youth system that would help shape and fuel a very strong young base economy. 

How Can One Join Harambee/Requirements

Joining Harambee is absolutely free. Not even a rand would be charged just to be a part of this fast-growing non-profitable organization. Below are other necessary details a new member wanting to join the fastest growing train in town must bear in mind. 

  1. Between the ages of 18-34 can be part of the Harambee family
  2. Absolutely one must be a South African with a well-documented work permit
  3. A Grade 12 Matric certificate would be a plus for a new member
  4. Not employed permanently
  5. Unemployed at the moment
  6. A person with no criminal records

How To Register With Harambee

Registration with Harambee is done on their sister or associate website SA Youth. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to register with Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator.


Visit and fill in the necessary information about yourself on the platform.


Your RSA ID number woul be needed in the registration. 


Provide your date of birth


Fill in your race


Provide your basic contact details (phone number and WhatsApp number)


Your email would play a role. 


Recheck the information provided just to see if there are errors before proceeding to the next phase and hit the next button


Follow the system prompts for other necessary documentation

How To Login To Your Harambee Accounts

1. Kindly visit Harambee’s sister website

2. Scroll your mouse and click on LOGIN and APPLY

3. Provide your RSA Number or Username

4. Enter your password

5. Click on Login

List Of Companies That Work With Harambee

Harambee with this initiative to minimize the unemployment rate couldn’t have come this far without the help of other partnering companies. These companies have helped visualize the mandate and dream of Harambee. Below are the numerous companies helping shape the lives of our South African youth. 


Burger King,




Pick n Pay or Shoprite

Direct Axis

Ster Kinekor

The Jobs Fund 

Tshepo 1 million 

UBS Optimum Foundation 





British High Commission Pretoria 


Business Leadership South Africa 


First National Bank

RTI International 


We say Kudos to all these companies for helping shape the lives of the South African youth as well as reducing the unemployment rate in the country. 

Harambee Awards

As the endless effort to help reduce the unemployment rate in the country, management can just be proud as the team has bagged numerous awards to their credit as a result of hard work. 

  1. 7th On Yellowood mobile survey as Brand In South Africa Amongst Low-Income earners 
  2. Being used as a case study by the world bank during the world economic forum
  3. 2019 Skoll Award As A Social Entrepreneurship
  4. Winner of 2019 NGO Awards organized by Conscious Companies Awards

In Zulu we say ‘Halala’ which simply means congratulation on their numerous awards and others which are yet to be achieved. 

For further issues and anything related to Harambee, one is a phone call away 0800 72 72 72 or better still an email that is [email protected] can also do justice for any inquiries

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