How To Apply For Government Tenders – What Is eTenders

What is eTenders?

eTenders are online platforms serving as a central facility for all public sector contracting authorities which enables them to advertise procurement opportunities and also to award them for those notices.

Purpose Of eTenders Portal

The eTender Portal simply is the website that these contracting authorities use to advertise their procurement opportunities. The publication portal is an initiative instituted by the OCPO to support fair, equitable, transparent, competitive, and cost-effective procurement in an easy to access, single point of entry and technological driven facility.

This platform aims at improving opportunities for businesses in South Africa to compete and identify government tender opportunities to put out on a bid.

What Are the Ways To Find Tenders

Before delving into how to find Tenders, we should first define what a Business Tender is. A Business Tender in simple words is an offer that is made towards a job that is to have that work done or to provide goods for sale at a fixed price. A Tender on the other hand is the process that ascertains that the particular work needing service is given out in a fairway.

Tenders are accepted based on policies which are called the Procurement Policies. These policies serve as a guide to make the decision on which tender to be accepted.

Tenders can be found by;

  1. Following up on notices of contracts published in the newspaper and magazines
  2. Getting in tune with the government Tender bulletin
  3. Searching for Tenders in departments
  4. Accessing online Tenders by subscribing to a monthly subscription

Should You Bid For A Contract? Things You Must Do

The riskiest part here is that, once you bid for a contract and you, unfortunately, do not win, you may have already spent money and a lot of invested time which can never be gotten back so before anyone makes an attempt or decide whether to bid for a contract or not, they should consider the following;

  1. Get in contact with the bidding document and analyse them critically
  2. Make sure your expertise when it comes to skills, technicality and experience matches the requirement
  3. The time and money you will have to invest into the bid
  4. Will the bid affect other jobs you have taken?
  5. How is taking the job fit in your positioning and strategy of your business

How Do You Qualify For Government Tenders

There are 6 required and mandatory documents that are required if one stands the chance of qualifying for a tender.

  1. Tax Clearance Certificate
  2. Standard bidding document 4 (SBD-4)- Declaration of interest
  3. Standard bidding document 6.1 (SDB-6.1) Preference Point
  4. B-BBEE Certificate
  5. Standard bidding document 8 (SDB 8)- Past supply chain management practices
  6. Standard bidding documents 9 (SDB 9)- Certificate of independent bid determination

How Long Does A Tender Process Take

The processes of Tender can take up to two and half weeks for the processes to be completed. This starts from the day you send your RFP to award a tender.

Once the client accepts the Tender, it means that it binds on both sides meaning the individual or company that won the contract ought to present the goods or service per what is stated in that particular contract.

Points To Note Before Bidding For A Tender

  1. Provision of all information requested in the Tender Application form. Important documents like Tax clearance certificate and others should not be forgotten
  2. Make sure calculations of Tender prices are accurate
  3. Business Tender in South Africa should not be misinterpreted. If unsure of anything, there is a need to ask
  4. Make sure to sign your bid document as unsigned documents are disqualified
  5. Make sure Tender is dropped in the right box before the closing date
  6. If you happen to be an HDI, make sure to claim your points as unclaimed points are lost points
  7. If samples are requested, make sure to provide them

Are Government Tenders Accessible?

Yes, they are. When the government in its bid puts out tenders, it is only asking for individuals and companies to equally bring forth their bids and once the government accepts a tender, that acceptance binds both the government and the winner of the tender.

It is expected of applicants of tenders to attend the briefing session, also making sure you thoroughly read through the document, making sure you pay attention to the opening and closing dates.

Government Tenders – How To Apply

Before applying for a government Tender, make sure;

  1. Applicants must find Tenders that are relevant to their businesses
  2. Make sure that if and when you win the tender, your business can complete the job
  3. Be sure to register on the Central Supplier Database
  4. Get required documentation prepared and in order
  5. Fill out and complete your tender application before the closing date
  6. This must be repeated until a successful tender

The Process;

  1. First, register on the Central Supplier Database
  2. Be on the lookout for tenders that will be advertised
  3. Get a tender documents once they are released
  4. Be present at the tender briefing
  5. Complete the form and add all documents
  6. Submit completed document before deadline

How Long Must Tenders Be Advertised?

Tenders typically are not advertised less than 14 days that is from the date of inviting potential bidders. For other contracts above R10 million with VAT included, the period will not be less than 30 days.

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