Fundi Bursary Application – An Easy Guide

This article is an educational guide to enlighten the general public about Fundi Bursary and every information about Fundi Bursary.

What Is Fundi?

Fundi hallmarks a mantra that, the more you know, the higher the propensity of you becoming hence they are focused on making sure that students can pursue their dreams that will get them a step closer to achieving their life goals and aspirations.

How do they do this? Fundi makes financial provisions for students who may not be able to meet the financial demands in school.

When it comes to Fundi, everything educational and financial rests on their shoulders, from ebooks loans through to MBA loans to device loans and tuition loans amongst others— the list is endless. Once you meet the requirements, Funki opens you up to a whole new world full of possibilities.

Is Fundi A Loan Or Bursary?

Fundi makes provision loans to students to cover their tuition, books, accommodation plus more. Since it is a loan, it means that the student beneficiary will have to pay it back. These payments are made when the student starts working either from deductions from their salaries or debit orders.

These pays are also to be deducted every month per the terms agreeable in the contract of the loan. The payments also come with interest.

Is The NSFAS And Fundi One And The Same?

They are not the same. NSFAS which stands for National Students Financial Aid Scheme is the governmental body that offers bursaries to students, Fundi offers students loans that equally cover students’ tuition, etc only that, they are loans and will be paid back.

However, the NSFAS and Fundi can work hand in hand as NSFAS allowances may be paid through Fundi which students who are beneficiaries can access from.

Who Qualifies For Fundi Bursary

To qualify for Fundi Bursary, you need to meet the following requirements;

  • You must make sure you have no credit record
  • You must be a South African national with your ID card as proof
  • You must show evidence of your income or proof of either one of your parent’s employment
  • You must show proof of permanent residence
  • You must show proof of enrolment
  • You must be 18 years or older

How do I apply for a Fundi bursary?

What you need;

  • Identification card
  • Active cellphone number
  • Active email address
  • The type of loan you intend to apply for

To Apply, follow these steps;

  • First and foremost, you will have to visit the official website of Fundi here
  • Once there, head straight to the menu and tap on Education and Funding
  • The step is where you choose the type of loan you are opting for
  • Once you have settled on the type of loan you want, click on Apply
  • Then, you will need to register to create a Fundi self account

How To Register For Fundi Account

To register, here are the steps;

  • Visit Fundi’s official website here
  • Click on the log-in right away
  • Once there, if you already have an account, you key in your username and your password to log in
  • If you have no account, you tap on the register button
  • Fill out and complete the forms here
  • Submit and wait for confirmation
  • You can now log in with your username and password

How Do I Access My Fundi Account?

What Does It Mean To Be Registered on Fundi?

It means that a whole new world of possibilities has been opened to you. You can now take a loan and use it to further your education which brings you a step closer to attaining your goals as a student.

How Long Does It Take For Fundi Bursary To Respond?

Fundi Bursary has made it clear that it takes them about 30 minutes to respond. This is dependent on whether all documents are in its right order. After submitting everything, Fundi will respond within 30 minutes to either deny or approve your loan after which it takes between 48 to 72 hours for the loan to hit your account.

Is One Suppose To Pay Back Fundi?

They are called loans for a reason. You are supposed to pay back Fundi loans per the agreement you entered with Fundi when you took the loan. The deductions will be every month with an interest of course.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Fundi Loans?

This may depend on the type of loan you opted for but you should bear in mind that you entered into an agreement and refusal to meet your end of that agreement surely will come with consequences.

Does Fundi Give Pocket Money?

Fundi has a system that makes sure that it gives additional monthly stipends to students even after the direct payment of fees. This additional money can serve as pocket money which students can use at their discretion.

Does Fundi Loan Covers Private Accommodation?

Yes, Fundi covers private accommodation as well.

Can Fundi Withdraw Cash?

Yes, you sure can withdraw cash when you are Fundi provided you have a Fundi card. All withdrawals can be made at any Pick n Pay point.

How Do I Upload Fundi To Bank Details?

To do this, follow these steps;

  • Click on this link
  • Tap on Banking details once you are there
  • Proceed to add your banking details by clicking on “add banking details”

How To Check The Balance On Fundi

This can be done in more ways than one. You can either;

  • Visit the official website and log in to check your account OR
  • Dial *134*87646# and select 2. Remember no data or airtime is required OR
  • Ask for your balance by calling this number 0860 44 33 44 and OR
  • Visit any of their offices and ask about your balance

What’s Fundi Card And How Does It Work?

The Fundi Card is like a debit card of a sort. With this card, however, there are other pockets on it that in a way restrain you from spending more than necessary. You can say the card puts you in check.

Once you are at a Fundi terminal, you swipe your card and enter your details. If all goes through well, your card goes live and you can transact any business with it.

Fundi Contact Details
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