Damelin College Online Application – An Easy Guide

Do you know what Damelin College is aside from the fact that it is a higher learning institution? Where is it even located, how long has it been in existence, is a qualification from this college even recognized and how do you get in— do you need a matric or not?

This article seeks to do justice to everything, at least the relevant things that have to do with Damelin College. It cannot go without saying that, passing your exams is easy, but also, finding the right college or higher institution to enroll in can equally be tedious. This article will make this stage and process quite easier for you.

About Damelin College

Live, love, learn, leave a legacy, Aim higher, and Go further remains the motto of Damelin College. This college was established in 1943 by Benjamin Damelin. The college thus is a private college and offers a host of qualifications including degrees, diplomas including other higher learning qualifications.

Damelin College has an estimated student population of 100000 with 17 campuses spread across South Africa.

Damelin College has accreditation from the Education and Training Quality Assurance Bodies and is equally registered with the South African Qualification Authority. Qualifications acquired in Damelin are recognized as the college is accredited to the Council of Higher Education too.

Continentally, Damelin College is ranked at the 375th position. When it comes down to global, it is at the 13748 position whiles it maintains the 40th position in South Africa per the Web metrics ranking.

Is Damelin College A University Or College?

Damelin College is a college that offers qualifications that are equally recognized just like in any other higher learning institution. It is however a private college that was established by Benjamin Damelin.

Faculties At Damelin College

Damelin College has four faculties. These faculties are;

  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Science and Technology

Damelin College Courses

  • Undergraduate courses like Bachelor of Commerce in marketing and business management
  • Higher qualifications like a higher certificate in PC engineering
  • Diploma courses like Diploma in travel and tourism
  • Further Education and Training and Occupation qualifications like Damelin Tv and Radio Presenting Certificate
  • Online Short Courses like Adobe Designs Application
  • You just need to go through all the programs and find out what best works for you. Find out more here https://dcc.edu.za/programmes/

Is Damelin College Funded By NSFAS?

The answer here is a direct no. Students enrolled at Damelin College cannot be on NSFAS as Damelin is a private college and NSFAS does not fund students from private institutions. However, there are chances that Damelin has other bursaries that students can apply to.

Does Damelin College Have Bursaries?

Yes, Damelin College has bursaries although they are limited in number. To know about these bursaries, you will need to contact the financial aid or the bursary office even before you start your registration process.

Is Damelin A TVET College?

It cannot be said that Damelin is completely a TVET college, neither can it be said that it is not. Damelin College has courses that stream from higher education training, technical and vocational educational training, short learning programs, and also programs that are targeted at skills development.

Damelin Admission Requirements

To study at Damelin, there is a need to meet specific minimum requirements before you will be considered an admission. Here are the requirements;

  • Either a National Senior Certificate with Diploma/Degree endorsement (per the qualification you are applying for) OR
  • A National Certificate Vocational with a level 4 at NQF and a diploma/degree (per the qualification you are applying for)  endorsement or
  • The amended version of the Senior Certificate with an endorsement OR
  • An N2 National Certificate/Grade 11/Senior Certificate/ with National Senior Certificate that comes with mathematics and physical science OR
  • A foreign school leaving certificate that meets minimum diploma requirements

Are Applications Opened At Damelin College?

Yes, applications are opened at Damelin. It has been open since April 1st, 2022. It is expected to be closed on November 30th, 2022.  Persons who are interested in applying are advised to use this window to adequately prepare and apply so that they can beat the deadline.

How To Apply To Damelin College (Online And Offline)

Before applying to Damelin college, you need to have the following available

  • An active email address
  • An active cellphone number
  • South African ID number and a passport if applying as a foreign student

To Apply Online follow these steps;

  • The first thing you need to do is to browse through all the courses Damelin offers and choose the one that best fits you. Check out the courses here https://damelin.co.za/programmes/
  • Once you have settled on what you want, it is now time to register. To register, click on this link to create an account for yourself https://damelin.co.za/
  • Once the registration falls through, you will be sent a confirmation email that includes your password and username
  • You can now log in to the student portal to start your application process
  • You will then be sent an email to make payment. You may either decide to make full payment of fees or choose a payment plan to your discretion

If you are unable to apply online, you can print out the completed application form together with all your certificates and supporting documents with proof of registration and send it directly to the address that has been provided on the application form.

What Is The Registration Fee At Damelin College?

The registration fees at Damelin College are between R550 and R1100. The registration fee is compulsory and non-refundable.

What Is The Application Fee At Damelin College?

Fortunately, applicants who are applying to Damelin College, will not be charged any form of application fee. Application at Damelin College is free.

What NQF level is Damelin Certificate

Damelin College is registered as a higher learning institution and is able to offer all courses and qualifications other universities offer as well. When it comes to NQF, Damelin is between levels 5-10.

Damelin College Contact

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