Telkom Login – A Step By Step Guide

Telkom Login- Telkom is a telecommunications service provider in South Africa. It is wireless and wireline and operates not just in South Africa but in 38 other countries in Africa. Telkom is not an all-private service provider as it has 39% of its shares belonging to the South African government.

Telkom was founded in Johannesburg in South Africa in 1991. Today, Telkom has its headquarters situated at Centurion, Gauteng South Africa. Some of the key names that are behind Telkom are Sello Moloko who is the chairman and Serame Taukobong who is the CEO of the group.

What Does Telkom Do?

To simplify the work that Telkom does, one could say they are one of the leading ICT service providers in South Africa. They make provisions for fixed-line, mobile data, and other Information and Communication Technology services.

Products provided by Telkom include;

  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless and Wireline
  • Broadband Services
  • Digital Television
  • Managed Services
  • Web hosting

What Is Telkom Login?

The Telkom login is a self portal that allows users of Telkom internet to track and manage their internet. The features that are available to users include viewing how much data you have used, the history of how much data you use, how to top up, bundle offers, and how to manage your password.

How Do I Open A Telkom Account Online?

To open a Telkom account online comes quite easier than it sounds. Here are the simple steps to follow to own an account with Telkom.

  • First and foremost, you will have to download the Telkom app on either the Apple store or Google Playstore
  • Once that is done, you can open the app and click on the register
  • On register, complete the form with your details and proceed to agree to terms and conditions
  • Click on next once that is done and wait for the OTP which will be sent via the email address you provided
  • Registration is complete at this stage

Telkom Login – How To Login To Account

It is that simple! After you have created or registered with Telkom, it is easier to log in. To do that;

How To Find Telkom Username and Password?

If in any case, you happen to forget your Telkom password and username, you can retrieve them by simply sending the word ‘Password’ to this number 012 321 0215 for your password and username to be sent to you.

Can My Telkom Account Be Viewed Online?

The answer is yes, it can be viewed online. Once you are connected to the internet whiles using the Telkom sim on your mobile phone, you will be able to view or access your account online.

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How To Cancel My Telkom Contract?

To cancel your Telkom Contract, you can;

  • Sending a canceling submission or request to [email protected] for Fixed Line business and [email protected] for Mobile Services.
  • Login to your Telkom profile, go to my account, and proceed to cancel the subscriptions you wish to no longer use or enjoy

What Happens When You Cancel Your Telkom Contract?

If the contract is canceled within the designated two years commitment term, you will be billed proportionally for the LTE router as it comes with the contract hence the need for it to be charged and paid by you.

How Long Does Telkom Cancellation Take?

It takes 30 days for the cancellation to be completed that is after you have submitted your cancellation request. After 30 days, your final bill will then be sent to you.

How Much Is Telkom Cancellation Fee?

According to a customer service personnel at Telkom, a customer will be required to pay a cancellation fee of R809 after which he or she will also be required to pay a fee on the remaining value of the product.

How Do I Check My Telkom Bill Online?

To check how much you owe, kindly follow these steps;

  • Visit the official self portal here
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Click on bills to view your bills online

How Do I Pay My Telkom Bill Online?

  • Visit the self portal here
  • Login with your details that is username and password
  • Proceed to select the Pay Bill tab on the dashboard
  • Select your method of payment and proceed to make the payment

Where Do I Pay My Telko Bill?

If a customer decides otherwise not to use the self portal to pay their Telkom bills, they can walk to any of the following banks to make payment;

  • ABSA
  • FNB
  • Standard Bank
  • It can also be paid at ATMs

How Do I Check My Telkom Account Balance?

There are five ways you can check your Telkom account balance. Here is how;

  • By using the My Telkom Service
  • By using TelkomSA.netBy using MyTelkom Mobile App
  • By using USSD code *188#
  • By using the IVR menu

How To Reset My Telkom Username And Password?

  • You first have to log in to the web browser
  • Click on the change wireless password menu
  • Enter the previous password and username
  • Proceed to enter the new password you will love to use
  • You can now save all changes and proceed to login in with you

How To Top Up Your Telkom Account

  • First and foremost, go on your Telkom profile on the self portal
  • Click on accounts
  • You will see the airtime you have left and an option to buy. Click on buy
  • Here, you scroll through the options you have before proceeding to select the best out of the lot
  • Click next after choosing
  • Tap on your preferred payment method
  • Click on continue to purchase

How To Access Telkom Login Email

Simply type telkom email in google and open the first URL to access it or better still follow this link
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