A Step To Step Guide To Sell On Takealot South Africa

Takealot: In this volatile world where the internet has taken center stage, it is in the best interest of each one of us to be conversant with how things work especially when it comes down to the internet. These days, one can make all purchases, ranging from groceries to household furniture to home appliances, everything is just a click away and that is what Takealot South Africa seems to be all about. If you are interested, then you may want to continue reading.

Takealot South Africa is solely about selling. It is by far the leading online selling platform in South Africa. It was founded in 2011 by Kim Raid and since its establishment, it has grown to become one of the leading and largest eCommerce platforms in South Africa.

It is based in Cape Town but that has nothing on the efficiency of the online platform. Since 2019, about 2500 third-party businesses have resorted to using the Takealot platform to sell to an estimated 1.8 million people who shop on Takealot. The company has contracted over 4500 delivery drivers who make deliveries to 1.6 million shoppers every month.

How To Sell On Takealot South Africa

To sell on Takealot South Africa, the applicant must go through a systematic process. Listed below are the various stages of the application process.

  • First, you must visit the official website via https://www.takealot.com/sell to start your application process. 
  • The application form will have you answering personal questions and also questions about your business, what you want to sell amongst others
  • It takes 10 working days for Takealot to review the application and give feedback to the applicant
  • Once the application has been confirmed, the applicant now has to register with Takealot by going through the registration process and providing all the paperwork required for the registration
  • Following that is the onboarding stage. This is where the applicant studies the models of Takealot so they can opt for the best one that will suit their type of business and the products they want to sell online
  • Now that the applicant has chosen the best model, they can get their products online and start making sales
  • Alternatively, the applicant may want to boost their products by taking part in promotions and analysis among others to reach enough potential customers who will be interested in what they are selling

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A Guide To Sell Products On Takealot South Africa

To sell products, one must first and foremost have an account with Takealot. Once that is neatly done, you can follow these steps to have your products online.

  • Visit the official website via https://www.takealot.com/
  • Then proceed to click on the ‘Sell on Takealot’
  • After clicking on that, an application form then pops up where you apply as a retailer. This means that your details
  • Wait for the approval of your application and process your registration
  • After all of the above, you can choose the category of your product, upload them and start making sales

How Do You Sell On Takealot As An Individual

To sell as an individual, you need to go through the process just like everybody else and once the application gets approved, you can have your products selling online.

How Much Is Takealot Seller Fee?

Of course, selling on the account does not come free of charge. If you are a retailer, it means that you are required to pay a monthly subscription fee. This fee as it stands is R400. This charge can be accessed by clicking your portal.

Retailers must know that whether they made sales or not for the entire month, they are required to pay the seller fee.

How Much Are Takealot Success Fees?

Success fees are mostly the referral fee which also covers all transactional cost that comes with a retailer’s account. It is calculated by the selling price of each item, including the VAT deduction. This fee is typically credited to returned items. Here is how it is estimated;

  • Baby: 12.0% – 15.0%
  • Beauty: 10.0% – 15.0% 
  • Books: 14.0% – 14.0% 
  • Cameras: 4.0% – 12.0% 
  • Camping and outdoor: 8.0% – 15.0%

How Much Is The Fulfilment Fee?

Fulfillment fees are the fees charged on receiving and storing products. It may also include the amount that comes about as a result of processing orders that stream from handling to shipping. The fee charged is typically between R18 and R340 which is dependent on the size of the cargo.

How Much Is Storage Fee?

The fees charged for storage are usually for stocks that cover 35 days and above. This fee is between R4 and R1800. For stocks that cover less than 35 days, it is free. 

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Is It Profitable To Sell On Takealot?

The answer is yes, it is profitable to sell on Takealot for the single reason that your product is seen by people in a vast geographical area. However, retailers are advised to calculate the prices of their products well and track their sales as they are charged for several other things so it will be a waste not to make a profit after paying all of those charges.

Is It Easy To Sell On Takealot South Africa?

According to people, selling on the platform is quite easy and not complicated at all. However, retailers are required to come up with strategies that will boost their sales and bring them the profit they so much look forward to.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Takealot?

All retailers are expected to pay a fee of R400 every month. Depending on the model they choose, they will be required to pay an extra fee that comes as success and fulfillment fees.

Must A Company Be Registered To Sell On Takealot?

No! Your company does not need to be registered to use Takealot and there is no limitation to the number of products a retailer can put online.

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What Does One Need To Register On Takealot?

Things needed include;

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Password
  • And one contact number

What Sells Best On Takealot?

According to sources, electronics sell best. They have the highest sales, nonetheless, every other product can equally sell with the right strategy.

Are People Making Money On Takealot South Africa?

The simple answer is yes. It is remote. Just by sitting in the comfort of your home, you could be earning so much online.

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How To Order On Takealot

To make an order, follow these steps;

  • Get on the official Takealot website here https://www.takealot.com/sell
  • Search for the product you want to buy. Remember there will be options so take your time to choose your preferred product
  • Select the product and add it to the cart
  • Now make payment and checkout, not forgetting to opt for the best delivery service that suits you

Is There A Takealot App?

Yes. It can be downloaded from the Google play store or the App store.

Does Takealot Deliver Nationwide?

Yes, Takealot delivers nationwide. They have 93 delivery teams across the nation with 13,000 drivers.

How Much Is Takealot Delivery Charge?

It must be noted that the delivery charges range. However, delivery will cost R60 for orders below R450 and free for orders above R450.

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