Online Application To University of Zululand (UniZulu)

We are going to give you the breakdown of how to apply to the University of Zululand (UniZulu) in this article. For now, all you need to do is to take your time and read through the UniZulu application process for both online and hardcopy paper application forms.

Your dream to study at UniZulu is just a few steps away in the context of knowing how to apply to UniZulu.

Now, let’s see what’s all about UniZulu applications. 

University of Zululand Application 

Applying to UniZulu comes in two ways. Applicants can apply to UniZulu either by online application or by hardcopy paper base application forms. 

Note: Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible and not wait until application closing date. 

UniZulu Application Requirement Documents

Applicants should take note to have these few but important application requirements before they apply to UniZulu. 

  1. Applicants should have an email address to complete the application.  
  2. Applicants should be able to access the Central Application Office (CAO) website
  3. South African Student applicants will need a Senior Certificate or Senior National Certificate. International Student Applicants will need an equivalent certificate. 

South African Student applicants will provide Identity Card (ID Card). International Student applicants will need Passport Number

Note: Applicants will have to write National Benchmark Tests (NBT) before they are admitted to study at UniZulu.

Also, applicants who choose to use the online application should not again use hardcopy application forms to apply to UniZulu. Same apply to applicants who choose to use hardcopy papa application forms. 

UniZulu Online Application 

UniZulu has made it possible for applicants to apply to the university through online application portal at Central Application Office (CAO) website.

How To Apply To University of Zululand Using Online Application

  1. Visit the Central Application Office
  2. Read and understand the application instructions before filling the forms.
  3. Attach all copies of qualification requirements in a pdf format. (i.e certified copies of Grade 11/Grade 12 certificate.) 
  4. Check and make necessary corrections before you click on the submit button to submit your application.
  5. Click on submit and send your application.

Remember: Undergraduate and Postgraduate applicants can apply through The Central Application Office.  

Let us now look into UniZulu’s hardcopy paper application forms. 

UniZulu Hardcopy Paper Application 

  1. Applicants will download the application forms from the Central Application Office website.
  2. Applicants should read and understand the application instructions before filling the forms.
  3. Applicants should attach copies of all qualification requirement documents. These include Grade 11/Grade 12 certificate, ID card or Passport Number
  4. Submit the completed application to UniZulu.

Submitting UniZulu Hardcopy Paper Application Forms

Remember:  Applicants can submit their hardcopy paper application forms through UniZulu postal Address. 

Applicants should ensure their hardcopy paper application is complete in pages and have filled with needed and accurate information before they submit.

University Of Zululand Postal Address

The Registrar

Private Bag




University of Zululand Application Fees

  • South African Students applicants will pay a non-refundable application fee of R220
  • International Student applicants will pay a non-refundable application fee of R270

Note: We advise applicants to be extra careful in making a financial transaction in the name of UniZulu application. Applicants should check, recheck and confirm any application payment details on UniZulu website.

University of Zululand Residence Accommodation

Applicants will have to apply for on-campus UniZulu residence accommodation.

For further information of UniZulu on-campus residence, visit University of Zululand Student Housing And Accommodation.

These are all the basic information about applying to University of Zululand. 

For personal enquiries, applicant can visit UniZulu website.

Alternatively, applicant can use the following contact details of University of Zululand.

E-mail [email protected]

Tel: 035 902 6000

Physical Address 


1 Main Road Vulindlela

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