Mancosa Connect – How To Access/Login

What is Mancosa Connect?

Mancosa Connect is a student portal designed by Mancosa to assist students with their day-to-day activities in the institution.

Mancosa stands for the Management College of Southern Africa. Mancosa, a private higher learning education, is the leading provider of affordable, accessible, and credible management programs via supported distance learning in Southern Africa. MANCOSA has about 10,000 students all over the world.

It is established under the higher education act (Act 101 of 1997). MANCOSA comes at the 5th position in South Africa and 9th in Africa by International Education Rating Agency. MANCOSA degree is internationally benchmarked.

Who Can Use The MANCOSA Student Portal

All students can access the MANCOSA student portal. The portal aids students in performing specific specified tasks. These tasks may include the registration of courses, payment of fees, online application, application status, and exam results, amongst others. 

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Below is the set of people who can use the student’s portal;

  • Prospective students
  • First-year students
  • Continuing or returning students

How To Access MANCOSA Student Portal If You Have Forgotten Student Password

For an applicant to access their profile, even if they have forgotten their password, they must submit their username first. If their name is registered in the database, they will be sent an email which they will use to reset their password.

MANCOSA Connect Log in

To access MANCOSA connect portal, follow these steps;

  • Visit this link
  • Once there, key in your MANCOSA connect student portal username
  • Proceed to enter your password
  • Recheck to see if you have entered everything correctly and click submit if you are Certain

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Forgotten MANCOSA Connect Password

An applicant can access their profile when they forget their password through two means. They can go to the MANCOSA official website and search for their profile using their username or email address.

Here is the link


How To Open An Email Address For Communicating With MANCOSA

To set an email address that will make it easy to communicate with MANCOSA is not a complicated or strange thing. It is simple. All you have to do is;

  • First, visit the Google account creation page
  • Follow the prompts to create a Gmail address
  • Now you can use the account you have made to sign in to your Gmail

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What Are The Supported Browsers For Mancosa Connect?

Here is the list of browsers MANCOSA supports.

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome

All Famous FAQs- Why Study At MANCOSA

There are many reasons why anyone would want to opt to study at MANCOSA. Below are some of the grounds and some answered questions.


The NSFAS does not fund MANCOSA because it is a private higher education institution.

Is MANCOSA considered a university or a college?

MANCOSA is a private higher education and registered under the education act of 1997.

Can we say MANCOSA is reputable?

Yes, and yes, MANCOSA is a reputable institution with so many prestigious accreditations.

Is MANCOSA’s degree internationally recognized?

We can say yes. The programs offered at MANCOSA are internationally benchmarked with some of the leading business schools in the world.

Does MANCOSA offer teaching as one of its programs?

Yes, MANCOSA offers to teach. It is a postgraduate certificate in education in further education and training. The program lasts for 18 months and prepares students to become school teachers.

Does MANCOSA offer a Bursary?

MANCOSA offer bursaries, and they are all limited to distance learning programs. These bursaries are under the MANCOSA bursary policy and are only provided for first-timers.

Is MANCOSA recognized in Dubai?

Yes! MANCOSA is recognized in Dubai, which is the MANCOSA MBA.

Is it possible to study at MANCOSA without a Matric?

Yes! The management of MANCOSA has made it known that you can study at MANCOSA no matter your matric score. Those who do not have a matric will be required to offer a one-year higher certificate program, after which they can apply for a degree program.

Who is the owner of MANCOSA?

Professor Yussif Karodia owns MANCOSA. Professor Yussif has been voted as Africa’s most extraordinary visionary in developing higher education.

What is MANCOSA’s rank in South Africa?

MANCOSA is ranked at the 5th position in South Africa and the 9th in Africa by the international education rating agency.

What are the courses MANCOSA offers?

Bachelor of Commerce in International Business.
Bachelor of Education Degree Senior and FET Phase.
Bachelor of Business Administration.
Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship.
Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Management.
Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management

Is Mancosa accredited by SAQA?

The programs that are offered in MANCOSA are recorded on the National Qualification Framework and by the South African Qualifications Authority.


Listed below are all the ways one can contact MANCOSA.
26 Samora Machel Street, Durban 4001, South Africa
+27 31 300 7200
+27 31 300 7298
 1 Cedar Avenue (corner of Empire and Cedar Road), Auckland Park,
 Johannesburg, 2092, South Africa
 +27 11 853 3000
 +27 11 482 9072
 [email protected]
Cape Town
10 Mill Street, Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa
+27 21 671 6576
[email protected]
9A Landros Mare Street, Polokwane, 0699, South Africa
+27 15 817 3500
+27 15 817 3559
[email protected]

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