How To Apply And Track SASSA R350 Grant

After COVID 19 swept the feet of numerous people across the world, affecting the economy and the daily activities of people, South African President, Cyril Ramophosa introduced a grant called R350 grant which a South African could benefit during COVID 19 season. 

What is R350 Grant 

R350 Grant is a special grant introduced by President Cyril Ramophosa during the COVID 19 pandemic. It is R350 a month for a period of six months for South African citizens who do not receive any form of income or any grant. 

Who Can Apply For SRD Grant

For a one to apply for R350 grant must bear that in mind before starting the application process;

1. Must be a South African citizen 

2. A resident within the length and breadth of South Africa

3. Must be 18 years or above

4. Not on any form of income

5. Unemployed

6. Haven’t received any form of social grants

How Long Does It Take Before R350 Grant is Processed 

According to SASSA, after an application is made and has undergone the necessary procedure for its approval, it takes a maximum of 7 days for R350 grant to be fully processed. 

How To Apply For R350 Social Relief Distress Grant

The application procedure for the R350 grant has been made quite simple and accessible. No need for an applicant to visit the SASSA office. With this grant, the application can be done online, on WhatsApp, and in other electronic ways. 

1. Dial USSD number *134*7737# on your mobile phone

2. Whatsapp 082 046 8553

3. Email: [email protected]

4. Kindly visit

5. Call the call centre 0800 60 10 11

Online Application

1. Visit

2.  As a new applicant click on ‘’CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE”

3. Fill in the necessary credentials you would be asked

NB: An application must be done once no matter which channel you used to apply.
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