Courier Guy – How To Track Your Parcel

What Is Courier Guy

Courier Guy is a South African-based courier company that delivers parcels on your behalf. The brand Courier Guy has grown to be the leading company which is noted for its fastest courier in the country. 

Its operation commenced in the year 2000 with the then name ‘’A Favour For A Friend’’ with just one motorbike but has now grown beyond measure. 

How Does Courier Guy Work

The Courier Guy has made the delivery to people easy as parcels are being sent to the receiver’s doorstep where he/she is required to tender in his/her signature upon receiving the parcel. 

How To Track Your Parcel 

First Time Users

  1. Visit
  2. Click on register now
  3. Fill in the necessary details as requested by Courier Guy after clicking on Register now
  4. Submit inquiry

Existing Customers

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Track & Trace
  3. Enter your Waybill number
  4. Click on find my parcel/login

How Much Does Courier Guy Cost In South Africa

Courier guy charges a rate between Overnight Courier (OVN) R 120.00 2 R 40.00 11:00 Economy Road (0 to 15Kg) (ECO) R 135.00 15 – 2-3 Days Economy Road (16 to 25Kg) (ECO) R 195.00 25 R 7.00 2-3 Days

How Long Does It Take Courier Guy To Deliver

Courier Guy delivery is normally done between 24 to 36 hours. For regional centres, it takes not anything less than 48 to 96 hours.
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