​​Rhodes University Application Status And Prospectus

The quest to find out if a University accepts your application can be somehow nervous as though you want answers, yet the solution in content is what gets prospective applicants worried. The Makhanda in Eastern Cape-based University, Rhodes University, has tailored a way to help applicants track their Rhodes University Application status. 

Rhodes University, which has been in existence for over a decade, has produced numerous students helping the growth of the South African economy.

Not only is Rhodes University providing a way to track your application status, but it also made its prospectus available for prospective applicants to access. 

Rhode University Prospectus is a handbook guide containing vital information to aid applicants’ decisions during application. It includes information on the institution, courses offered, and rules and regulations of the school. 

With the help of technology, accessing Rhodes University prospectus has been made simple. Here we have a few steps a prospective applicant can use to access Rhodes University’s prospectus.

How To Access Rhodes University Prospectus

You are asking how to download Rhodes University Prospectus or access it? Below are a few steps to download and access Rhodes University Prospectus. 

  1. Visit https://www.ru.ac.za/, the official website for Rhodes University.

An applicant must first visit Rhodes University’s website via https://www.ru.ac.za/ with their PC or mobile phone

  1. Admissions

At this stage, an applicant must navigate their mouse cursor when the website loads to the “Studying” menu, which has another drop-down menu. You subsequently click on “Admission” and your Rhodes University prospectus there. 

Another way to access the Rhodes University prospectus is via email by contacting [email protected].

How Long Does Rhodes University Take To Respond To Applications?

According to Rhodes University authorities, the application submitted to their outfit requires 14 days for review. In cases where Rhodes University is yet to contact you, an applicant can email [email protected]

How To Track Rhodes University Application Status

Once the submission of an application to Rhodes University is made, applicants can track their application status. With application status, usually, applicants tend to forget as it must be a part of every applicant’s daily routine check so as not to miss out. 

For Rhodes University, tracking an application status is simple.

Before an applicant can start tracking their Rhodes University Application status must remember their login details created during the time of application. In some cases where applicants cannot remember their login details can reset them.

Below are the right documented steps an applicant can use to track their Rhodes University Application Status. 

Step 1

Firstly, an applicant must visit https://ross.ru.ac.za/, which happens to be the official website for Rhodes University. The applicant must navigate the mouse cursor to “INTRANET” and click on the website, taking you to a new page.

Step 2

Provide your “USERNAME” and “PASSWORD” would be needed to fill in the said required space.

NB: the username and password are what you created during your application stage

Step 3

If the details provided are correct would open your online profile where you can track your Rhodes Application status. 

Note: In cases where an applicant is still finding it difficult to access the application status platform or wants to know their application status, can email [email protected]. Or place a call at +27 46 603 8111

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