How To Access UMP Application Status And Prospectus

Are you an applicant to the Mbombela-based University, UMP, and wondering how to track your application status? Well, worry your head not as we have compiled a detailed article to help prospective applicants track their application status. 

Since its establishment in the year 2014, the University of Mpumalanga has contributed to the immense growth of education in the South African economy. The university has helped shape graduates who are impacting the South African community. 

Application to the University of Mpumalanga, the application goes through a review process which is best for every applicant to start tracking application status from time to time. 

Does It Take Long Before UMP Response To An Application?

According to the University of Mpumalanga, after an application is sent, a maximum period of six to eight weeks is likely to receive a response as far as your application status is concerned. What this means is an applicant can start tracking his application status from the sixth week since an application was sent to UMP. 

Steps To Use To Check University of Mpumalanga Application Status

These are the necessary guidelines to help prospective applicants check their UMP application status. 

1. Visit the University of Mpumalanga’s official website via 

2. On your far top right of the full website click on ‘’STUDENT PORTAL’’

3. Provided the necessary credentials used during the application days (i.e. username, password, etc)

4. Click on login and track your application status

UMP Prospectus

As we always say, a prospectus always is at the forefront of every applicant’s application process to a University. One must have a fair idea as to what awaits him before even commencing application with their respective universities. 

With the University of Mpumalanga, an all-accessible prospectus has been made available to assist prospective students to know their to-do’s and don’ts before applying. 

Before an applicant can access the UMP prospectus, the device in which the applicant is viewing the prospectus must have PDF software as UMP prospectus are always in a PDF file format. 

The university has made available its prospectus for viewing, downloading, and printing. 

  1. UMP 2022 Undergraduate Prospectus- PDF Download
  2. UMP 2022 Postgraduate Prospectus- PDF Download
  3. UMP 2022 International Prospectus- PDF Download
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