Have A Pet?! Here Are The 10 Best Pet Stores In 2024

Let’s face it, our pets have become our closest companions, especially after spending the past year cooped up at home with them.

Whether it’s a loyal dog, a cuddly cat, a hopping bunny, or even a fish swimming serenely in its tank, our pets are integral members of our families and deserve nothing but the finest care. Many of us welcomed new furry or scaly companions during the pandemic, offering us solace during these isolated times.

The convenience of online shopping means you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to provide for your beloved pets. From food to treats, medications, and all other essentials, everything your furry friends need can be ordered online.

For the busy pet parent, here are some top online pet supply stores where you can easily order, ensuring that food, treats, medications, and other necessities are delivered straight to your doorstep, or should I say your doggie door.

1. Chewy

Chewy serves as the ultimate destination for all your pet needs, catering to a diverse range of animals including dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, and even farm animals.

Beyond offering charming items such as toys and furniture for dogs and cats, Chewy also provides essential products like medications and food, ensuring you’re always well-stocked with necessities. What sets Chewy apart is its convenient auto-ship service, which ensures timely deliveries right to your doorstep, sparing you the worry of ever running out of your furry friend’s food again.

2. Amazon Pets

Rest assured, you don’t need to set up a Prime account specifically for your furry companion, but you might find yourself tempted to create one for your own convenience once you discover the incredible selection available on Amazon Pets.

This sub-platform simplifies the process of shopping for all your beloved pets, allowing you to browse effortlessly by breed and size, type of pet, dietary requirements, or even explore items tailored for new pet owners—all conveniently accessible on a single page. From food and litter to toys and grooming supplies, Amazon Pets serves as a comprehensive destination for all your pet needs, whether you have a playful pup, a cuddly kitten, a graceful fish, a lively hamster, or any other furry friend.

3. Petco

You may be familiar with Petco’s brick-and-mortar stores, but did you realize they offer an even wider selection online?

Explore Petco’s extensive inventory to fulfill the needs of all your pets, whether you have traditional companions like dogs and cats, or smaller furry friends such as rabbits and hamsters, or even scaly companions like snakes and lizards. Additionally, Petco provides convenient services such as same-day delivery for most orders, along with discounts for curbside pickup and recurring deliveries.

4. Tuft and Paw

For your sophisticated cat, adorn them with furniture and accessories that complement both their tastes and yours.

Visit Tuft and Paw for a curated selection of everything your cat or kitten requires, thoughtfully categorized according to their needs. Explore the “Climb” section for a range of stylish climbing structures, “Scratch” for posts and teepees designed for optimal clawing, “Litter” for ingeniously concealed litter boxes, “Play” for engaging toys, “Eat” for elevated bowls to prevent whisker fatigue, and “Accessorize” for all other essentials.

Each item is meticulously crafted with your cat’s comfort in mind, and in the event that your discerning feline isn’t satisfied, enjoy hassle-free returns within a generous 90-day period.

5. PetSmart

Are you an informed pet caregiver? If so, consider shopping at PetSmart for all your beloved pet’s necessities. The PetSmart online store boasts a wide array of supplies catering to furry companions, offering treats, habitats, accessories, and much more.

6. PetCareRx

Ensure your pets’ well-being is consistently prioritized, providing them with top-notch care when needed, courtesy of PetCareRx.

This online pet pharmacy serves as an excellent resource for acquiring essential medications for your pet, including flea and tick treatments, heartworm preventatives, specialized pet food, and prescription medications prescribed by your veterinarian.

7. Fable Pets

Believe it or not, these pet products are not just a myth; they’re innovative, stylish, and bound to be adored by your furry companion.

Fable Pets is revolutionizing the pet industry, and you won’t want to miss out. This pet care company is dedicated to making feeding, exercising, and crate training your pet both enjoyable and effortless with their range of products. For an engaging activity, explore “The Game,” an interactive feeder that also serves as a toy. If your pet enjoys some quiet solo-play, consider the “Falcon Toy,” perfect for filling with treats. And when it’s time to settle down for the night, place your pet on the cozy mat inside one of Fable’s signature crates, ensuring sweet dreams for your beloved furry friend.

8. Alpha Paw

Demonstrate your affection for your alpha dog or cat with the latest toys and treats from Alpha Paw.

This online pet emporium offers a wide selection of essential items for both cats and dogs, all at competitive prices and conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Explore their bestselling products, which include the exclusive PawRamp designed to help your pets navigate up and down safely. As an added perk for pet owners, don’t miss their merchandise shop, featuring customizable items such as necklaces and rings bearing your pet’s name, along with other dog and cat-themed merchandise.

9. Wild One

Equip the adventurous spirit in your household with the essential gear they need to embark on their journeys in style.

Wild Ones is your go-to destination for leashes, harnesses, and other essentials for walking or running with your dog (or even your leash-trained cat, if they’re inclined). To ensure your dog’s comfort and safety during outings, consider their harness walk kit, which includes a vibrant harness, leash, and a convenient poop-bag carrier, currently offered at a discounted price of $98. Alternatively, explore their everyday essentials line, offering a variety of items such as collars, shampoo, treats, toys, and more, allowing you to pick and choose according to your pet’s needs.

10. Cat Person

The name says it all – if you’re a cat enthusiast, then this site is tailored just for you.

Cat Person simplifies the process of acquiring your kitty’s food, treats, and home essentials. With their subscription service, feeding your feline friend becomes effortless, ensuring their bowl is always filled and eliminating the need for last-minute store runs. Customize your cat’s meal plan directly on the website and enjoy a 10% discount on each order, delivered fresh to your door every four weeks. Additionally, explore their chic beds and coordinated bowls, complete with a spill-proof tray, for other essential items that seamlessly blend style with functionality.

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