Dog Quiz – Over 500,000 People Couldn’t Ace This Quiz

This content covers a dog quiz regarding how well you know the species! There will be a short dog quiz for you to answer The fastest dog, which can only run 45 mph. A dog truly deserves the title of man’s best friend. There is no animal as loyal or as loving as a dog. They will work to protect you while being your constant companion – and if you let them, they will be a cherished member of your family. We know that dogs love to be a part of the family – so lets start with the best family dogs!

Best Family Dogs

What is the best family dog?

A. Spaniel
B. Mastiff
C. Labrador Retriever
D. Bulldog

Fast Dogs

The cheetah, known as the fastest animal on land, can reach speeds of up to 75 mph or 120 km/h, surpassing the top speed of the fastest dog, which can only run at 45 mph. Remarkably, this canine can achieve its maximum velocity in just six strides!

Which Dog is the fastest?

A. Greyhound
B. Afghan Hound
C. Vizsla
D. Whippet

Guard Dogs

The Boerboel stands out as one of the premier guard dogs. This large, mastiff-type breed is commonly employed as a guardian on farms. Despite its imposing presence, the Boerboel integrates seamlessly into family life and excels as a playmate for children.

In Which Country Did The Boerbel Originate?

A. Ethiopia
B. Germany
C. United States
D. South Africa

Smart Dogs

Highly intelligent, man’s best friend exhibits remarkable cognitive abilities. Studies suggest that the average dog possesses intelligence equivalent to that of a two-year-old child. Exceptionally astute dogs can comprehend as many as 250 words. Moreover, dogs demonstrate a capacity for intentional deception, adeptly manipulating both fellow canines and humans during play.

Which Breed of Dog Is Considered The Smartest?

A. German Shepherd
B. Border Collie
C. Fox terrier
D. Spaniel

Smallest Dogs

Miniature dogs are adored for their inherent cuteness, embodying significant personality traits despite their diminutive size. Typically weighing no more than 22 pounds, these pint-sized canines are compact bundles of charm. For those seeking even tinier companions, “teacup” dogs are available, further reducing size while maintaining their irresistible appeal.

What is the smallest breed of dog?

A. Chihuahua
B. Poodle
C. Maltese
D. Yorke

Unusual Tongue

The tongue plays a vital role in a dog’s physiology. It aids in the consumption of food by guiding it into the mouth and facilitates the process of lapping up food and water. Additionally, the tongue contributes to heat regulation in dogs.

What dog has a black or blue tongue?

A. Samoyed
B. Tibetan Mastiff
C. Keeshond
D. Chow-Chow

Royal Dogs

Dogs are the beloved companions of people from all walks of life, even royalty and celebrities! Jennifer Aniston’s dogs are named Lord Chesterfield and Clyde, and she also has a white pit bull named Sophie.

What type of dog does the King of England have?

A. Bullterrier
B. Corgi
C. Fox Terrier
D. King Charles Spaniel

Famous Dogs

Numerous renowned dogs have graced the pages of books and television screens. For instance, in the adventures of the comic-book character Tintin, a loyal Wire Fox Terrier serves as his steadfast companion, assisting in unraveling mysteries and navigating through various escapades.

What is Tintin’s dog’s name?

A. Thompson
B. Snowy
C. Professor Calculus
D. Bianca

Hunting Small Game

Several dog breeds were selectively bred for the purpose of hunting small game. Terriers, in particular, were historically employed in this role. While they retain their hunting instincts, many terriers today primarily function as beloved family pets, albeit occasionally exhibiting their innate tendency to chase small animals such as cats.

Which dog that was originally bred for hunting rabbits, name in French means low or short?

A. Beagie
B. Dachshund
C. Dogue de Bordeaux
D. Basset Hound

Licking Dogs

Dogs develop the behavior of licking from a young age, as they are groomed and nurtured by their mothers. This licking serves both cleaning purposes and aids in digestion. It’s common for dogs to lick their owners, and they do so for various reasons.

Why do dogs lick their owners?

A. To get attention
B. To show affection
C. To taste you
D. All of the above

A Dog’s Hearing Ability

A dog’s remarkable hearing abilities stem from the intricate structure of its ears, which are divided into three parts: the outer, middle, and inner ears. What sets dogs apart is their capability to manipulate their outer ears, allowing them to detect sounds from various directions and elevations.

How far can a dog hear your voice?

A. 10 miles
B. A quarter of a mile
C. 500 feet
D. 2 miles

Service Dogs

A service dog undergoes specialized training to assist individuals with disabilities. Currently, there are over 80 million people in the USA who rely on service dogs. These remarkable animals serve as both working companions and trusted allies to their owners.

Which dog breed is used the most as a service dog?

A. Labrador Retriever
B. Spaniel
C. Poodle
D. German Shepherd
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