20 Fermented Foods From Around The World Worth Trying

Fermented foods from various cultures worldwide might seem intimidating. These foods depend on beneficial bacteria to alter their taste, texture, and nutritional profile. Due to their bold flavors and associations with bacteria, some individuals intentionally steer clear of fermented foods and beverages.

However, there’s a wide array of fermented foods beyond what many people realize. Some of them are even dietary staples worldwide. It’s highly improbable that you’ve never encountered a fermented food or beverage before, even if you weren’t aware of it, such as kombucha, kefir, or sourdough bread.

Every country and culture has its own unique approach to fermentation, resulting in a diverse array of products. While some fermented foods are robust and bold in flavor, like gochujang or kimchi, others offer more subtle tastes. For instance, creme fraiche is made from fermented milk.

So, before dismissing fermented foods altogether, take a moment to explore the vast variety available. Here are 20 different fermented foods from around the world. You might just discover some that pique your interest and are worth trying after all.

1. Chin Som Mok

Chin Som Mok is wrapped in banana leaves and then grilled.

2. Cod Liver Oil

They pack a barrel with cod livers and allow them to ferment for an extended period.

3. Bors

This stock forms the base of sour soup.

4. Kenkey

Kenkey is a traditional Ghanaian dish made from fermented corn dough. It is served with hot pepper alongside fish and shrimp.

5. Kiviak

This process entails fermenting seagulls within a seal for a duration of six months before consuming the birds raw.

6. Atole

Mexican atole is crafted by blending corn masa with water, along with fruits and nuts, resulting in a beverage with a distinctive taste.

7. Poi

Poi is from Polynesia.

8. Jalebi

Once the bread is cooked, it’s frequently immersed in saffron and sugar syrup.

9. Yogurt

A common misconception is that yogurt isn’t recognized as a fermented food, yet it’s precisely this fermentation process that imparts its characteristic sour taste.

10. Doubanjiang

Doubanjiang is made using beans and flour as its foundational ingredients.

11. Tempeh

They utilize a fungus to ferment the beans while preserving their nutrients.

12. Hakarl

These sharks, which are cured with ammonia, are buried underground for a period of time.

13. Vili

It possesses a velvety texture and is crafted using various strains of yeast.

14. Kaymak

Kaymak is produced by gently heating milk and allowing it to undergo a light fermentation process, resulting in a creamy texture.

15. Khanom Chin

Khanom Chin, fermented rice noodles, are delicate and rich in flavor.

16. Kvass

Kvass is typically made from bread, often rye bread, along with additional ingredients such as spices and fruit, forming its base.

17. Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is crafted from cabbage that undergoes fermentation with lactic acid.

18. Balao-Balao

Balao-Balao is a delicacy consisting of raw shrimp and rice, cooked to a soft consistency.

19. Injera

This dish is crafted using teff flour and results in a spongy and tangy flatbread.

20. Sumbala

Locust beans are boiled and subsequently allowed to undergo fermentation.

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