17 Of The Most Pampered Celebrity Pets

Numerous celebrities indulge in lavish lifestyles, but some A-listers go above and beyond to pamper their pets. This group of pet-loving celebrities encompasses Oscar winners, Grammy victors, reality TV stars, and even members of royalty!

These 17 celebrity pets lead lives of luxury in diverse ways — from residing in pet mansions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to enjoying first-class airline tickets and drinking from bowls made of exquisite crystal. While affection for furry companions is priceless, these particular celebrities spare no expense in ensuring that their four-legged friends receive the finest treatment. Spa treatments? Absolutely! Chauffeur-driven limousines? Naturally!

Many of these indulged celebrity pets even boast their own agents! Yes, you read that right—some of these remarkable animals even earn their own income. They work diligently to maintain the opulent lifestyle enjoyed by the affluent and furry. Get ready to delve into the lives of some extravagantly living four-legged companions. While some famous owners may immediately spring to mind, like Taylor Swift and her adored felines or Paris Hilton and her beloved pups, others may surprise you. Take George Clooney, for instance, who famously had to choose between his pot-bellied pig and his girlfriend—with the outcome becoming a part of history. And let’s not forget about Cara Delevingne and her rabbit, who was dubbed the fashion icon’s best friend. Keep reading for more!

1. Taylor Swift And Cats

Taylor Swift’s social media presence makes it abundantly clear that felines reign supreme in her world. Despite one of them allegedly causing a mishap with her Met Gala dress, as reported by Us Weekly, Taylor’s affection for her whiskered companions knows no bounds. It’s no wonder her furry friends enjoy a life of luxury fit for the “Shake it Off” singer. Dr. Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button—whose addition to her feline family came after Taylor encountered him on the set of the music video for “ME!”—certainly earn their keep in catnip. Images of Meredith and Olivia grace numerous Taylor Swift merchandise items, including T-shirts and makeup bags, which fly off the shelves. Taylor has even applied for a trademark for two of their names: “Meredith & Olivia Swift.” “I have cats,” Taylor shared with Time. “I’m obsessed with them. They’re very dignified. They’re independent. They’re very capable of dealing with their own life.”

2. Ryan Gosling And Dog

George Gosling, aka the late mixed-breed pup adored by superstar Ryan Gosling, had his own hairdresser (remember the photo of him sporting a mohawk?). The Oscar nominee created contracts stating that George must accompany him on press tours and even while filming. Being a superstar can be lonely, so one can see why it’s nice to have man’s best friend by your side. 

3. Carrie Underwood And Dog

The American Idol victor and country music sensation initially welcomed a Rat Terrier named Ace into her life. Carrie’s care for her canine companion was top-notch, as evidenced by Ace’s special attire—a pink tuxedo adorned with Swarovski crystals—worn at Carrie’s wedding to Mike Fisher. While touring the globe, having Ace by her side provided a comforting sense of home, even though it meant the “Before He Cheats” vocalist had to incur extra expenses for pet cleaning services at luxury hotels. Alongside Carrie, Mike, and Ace on tour are Penny Jean, a Dachshund mix, and Zero, a Shepherd mix. Notably, Penny gets the exclusive privilege of trying out Carrie’s fashion line before anyone else, as highlighted by CountryFanCast. Additionally, Carrie’s dogs enjoy the perks of being the first to sample Miranda Lambert’s pet product line, boasting a delightful array of toys and products. And let’s not forget about Zero, the newest addition to their furry family.

4. Paris Hilton And Dogs

Paris Hilton was among the first socialites to parade around Hollywood with her tiny canine companions tucked away in her purse—a trend that has since caught on with many others. Demonstrating her affection for them, Paris went as far as constructing a miniature replica of her own mansion for her furry friends. This lavish doggy mansion boasts two stories, pink-painted walls, spans 300 square feet, and reportedly cost $350,000, as reported by Us Weekly. “My dogs live in this two-story doggy mansion that has air conditioning, heating, designer furniture, and a chandelier. Loves it,” Paris proudly shared on Twitter. The former star of The Simple Life has also treated her pets to indulgent spa days and splurged on designer jackets for them—because every canine deserves a touch of luxury. In one tweet, she admitted, “I may have spoiled them a little too much. But how can I not? Just look at those sweet lil’ faces, they deserve to be treated like my lil’ princes and princesses.”

5. Kylie Jenner And Dogs

Kylie Jenner has been vocal about considering pets as integral members of her family, so it’s no surprise that she spares no expense in ensuring they live a life of luxury akin to the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Following in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, she constructed a lavish doghouse in the backyard of her mansion, complete with air conditioning to keep her furry companions—Norman, Bambi, and Sophia—comfortable. These Italian Greyhounds reside in the orbit of the billionaire (as per Forbes), enjoying the opulent amenities provided by their doting owner. After all, when you have the means, why not indulge? What matters most to Kylie is that her pets harmonize with her daughter, Stormi. A video shared by Life & Style suggests that the little girl and the pups share a close bond, cementing their status as fast friends.

6. The Late Queen Elizabeth II And Corgi

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth II, known as the reigning monarch of the British Empire, her fondness for Corgis is legendary. Her first Corgi, Susan, accompanied her on her honeymoon, marking the beginning of a cherished bond. These royal canines were even granted their quarters at Buckingham Palace, as revealed by Insider. Each dog received personalized treatment, with their own beds and freshly changed royal sheets daily. Good Housekeeping notes that the dogs were treated to specially prepared meals by the palace chef, featuring premium meats like beef, lamb, and chicken, foregoing standard dog food. This deep affection for Corgis dates back to 1944 when Susan was presented to Queen Elizabeth II on her 18th birthday, a gift that sparked a lifelong devotion to the breed. Sadly, as reported by Us Weekly, the passing of Whisper, the last of her beloved Corgis, occurred in late October 2018, marking the end of an era.

7. Britney Spears And Dog

According to Bustle, Britney Spears is known to spare no expense when it comes to her pets. Reports indicate that she has spent a staggering $24,000 on pet care, $14,270 on pet sitting services, and $300 per grooming session at the groomers. Additionally, the New Zealand Herald revealed that her beloved chihuahua, Bit Bit, has been spotted sporting a diamond-encrusted collar, showcasing the pop icon’s penchant for luxury. Bit Bit has also been seen accompanying Spears to some of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles, where he enjoys the culinary creations of world-renowned chefs. It’s clear that when it comes to Bit Bit, only the best will do, with no ordinary kibble on his menu!

8. Cara Delevingne And Rabbit

Cecil Delevingne, the bunny rabbit companion of Cara Delevingne, enjoys a life of luxury, often found lounging in expensive handbags owned by his famous owner. According to Elle magazine, Cecil’s days are spent quite comfortably, occasionally indulging in celery snacks from Cara’s Bloody Marys. The supermodel-actress has gone above and beyond for her furry friend, gifting him his own miniature suitcase and providing him with a never-ending supply of Havaianas sandals, which he reportedly enjoys nibbling on. Cecil’s charm even captured the heart of the late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, who expressed his affection for Cara’s fluffy companion on Instagram, dubbing Cecil his new bunny BFF.

9. Amanda Seyfried And Dog

Finn, the Australian Shepherd belonging to Amanda Seyfried, has garnered widespread adoration, to the extent that even the actress’s former partners have expressed their affection for him. In interviews, Seyfried has acknowledged Finn’s popularity, noting that people often miss him as much as she does when he’s not around. Her ex, Dominic Cooper, once professed his deep affection for Finn, describing him as “the most beautiful thing in the world.” Finn frequently accompanies Seyfried on press tours, and it’s even stipulated in her contracts that he must be allowed on set. Seyfried emphasized that working with her also means working with Finn, highlighting his integral role in her life. With a substantial following of 4.1 million on his Instagram account, Finn has become a social media sensation. Seyfried has reflected on Finn’s presence in her life, likening his eagerness to join her on her paddleboard to his significant place in her heart, stating, “Now, I can’t enjoy paddling without him. The same can be said of my life.”

10. Mariah Carey And Dogs

Mariah Carey is known for her love of traveling with her beloved dogs, and who can blame her? As she performs around the world and spends countless nights in hotels away from home, she finds comfort in having her pampered pets by her side. In one instance reported by Hello, when an airline refused to accommodate her dog Jack in first class, Mariah took matters into her own hands by hiring a car and chauffeur to transport the canine from New York to Los Angeles. Page Six revealed that Mariah splurges approximately $45,000 annually on spa treatments for her furry companions. Whenever possible, she ensures they travel in style, booking them first-class seats at a hefty $2,000 per pup. Additionally, her dogs are known to accompany her on outings, including trips to California’s wine country, where they enjoy leisurely strolls among the vineyards courtesy of an on-demand dog-walking service, as reported by Page Six. With Mariah’s financial resources, she spares no expense in pampering her four-legged children, a fact confirmed by Us Weekly, which noted that all eight of her dogs receive the royal treatment.

11. Lady Gaga And Dogs

Lady Gaga’s French bulldog, Miss Asia Kinney, along with her other pups, Koji and Gustavo, have certainly enjoyed a life of luxury. As the Oscar-winning star of “A Star is Born” travels the world, her furry companions join her in first-class accommodations. Miss Asia Kinney has even carved out her own niche as the “face” of Coach’s line of dog accessories, as reported by Us Weekly. With an impressive following of 245,000 on her own Instagram account, this fashionable Frenchie has captured the hearts of many fans. Lady Gaga herself dotes on her beloved pet, often showering her with homemade treats and presents, as revealed in an interview with Karl Lagerfeld for Harper’s Bazaar. While Miss Asia Kinney may not have a personal maid yet, she is undoubtedly cherished and pampered by her adoring owner.

12. Lisa Vanderpump And Dogs

Lisa Vanderpump, the major breakout star of “The Real Housewives,” is renowned for her beloved dog, Giggy, who has achieved celebrity status of his own. Did you know that Giggy has his own agent at Creative Artists Agency? Besides his Hollywood connections, this pampered pooch enjoys the finer things in life, including drinking from a Baccarat crystal bowl and dining off a silver tray, as reported by ABC News. Giggy is often spotted in designer outfits and has been seen hobnobbing with celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence at his owners’ upscale Los Angeles restaurant. With a wardrobe that’s never repeated and a chronic alopecia condition that requires protection from the sun, it’s no wonder Giggy has caught the attention of Bravo for a potential canine-centric spin-off, as reported by Us Weekly.

13. Hugh Jackman And Dogs

Allegra, a poodle mix, and Dali Jackman, a French bulldog, lead a life of luxury when it comes to toys, thanks to their doting owner, Hugh Jackman. Hugh ensures that his furry companions always have access to the latest and greatest canine toys money can buy. As winter approaches, both pups are equipped with top-of-the-line coats and even boots, essential for navigating the chilly streets of New York City while their owner is busy working in Manhattan. With Hugh set to star in the Broadway revival of The Music Man, his loyal companions are well-prepared for their city adventures. As for Dali’s name, it was inspired by the pup’s charming smile, reminiscent of the iconic mustache of the renowned painter, as revealed by Us Weekly.

14. Meghan Markle And Dog

Guy, a rescue dog who has been by Meghan Markle’s side long before she met Prince Harry, received the royal treatment on the day of his mom’s wedding. Not only did Guy accompany the Duchess of Sussex to the ceremony, but he also rode with the Queen of England herself—a privilege even Markle’s mother didn’t share. Few dogs have had the opportunity to roam the grounds of prestigious locations like Windsor Castle and Kensington Palace. Guy’s remarkable journey from rags to riches even inspired a book titled “His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle: The Rebarkable True Story of Meghan Markle’s Rescue Dog.” Markle’s advocacy for canines extends beyond her own pet, as she has been a vocal supporter of dog adoption over buying from breeders, as reported by Us Weekly.

15. The Beckhams And Dogs

Former soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham are proud owners of four adorable pups. Their furry family includes Olive and Fig, both Cocker Spaniels, a French Bulldog named Scarlet, and an English Bulldog named Coco. In a Christmas 2018 post, David shared a photo of himself with Fig wrapped in a luxurious Supreme x Louis Vuitton blanket, valued at approximately $7,000. It seems Victoria was the driving force behind expanding their family to include pets, as she expressed her desire for “lots and lots of animals” during her pregnancy, as reported by Us Weekly.

16. George Clooney And Pigs

Max Clooney gained considerable fame during the bachelor days of his owner, George Clooney. This pot-bellied pig lived a life of luxury in George’s mansion for 19 years before passing away in 2006. Max enjoyed various luxuries, including rides in John Travolta’s private jet. He even played a significant role in George Clooney’s love life, reportedly leading to the end of a relationship with model Céline Balitran. When Balitran suggested that Max sleep outside, George chose to prioritize his beloved pet, resulting in the end of the relationship. George’s affection for pigs is not unique; celebrities like Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus also share a love for these porcine pets, according to Life & Style.

17. Katy Perry

Katy Perry introduced her feline companion, Kitty Purry, to the world in her “I Kissed a Girl” music video. Throughout her California Dreams tour, a blow-up version of Kitty Purry graced the stage, with one of her dancers donning a Kitty Purry catsuit. Katy often shares glimpses of Kitty Purry’s life on her social media accounts, including a photo of her enjoying room service at a luxurious hotel. Kitty Purry received a nomination for a Teen Choice Award for best celebrity pet but ultimately lost to the Obamas’ dog, Bo. Katy went as far as naming Kitty Purry the CEO of her company and even found inspiration for her perfume, Purr, from her beloved feline companion.

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