Zimbabwe’s Top 10 Most Talked About Celebrities


In Zimbabwe we have many celebs with different talents, however among these celebs we have Top ten most talked about celebs who are well known in our respective country also internationally.

We ought to follow up with some of those celebs, there is always those striking defects that make them perhaps the  most talked about celebrities we have in Zimbabwe.

Check out these top ten most talked about celebs in Zimbabwe below…..

1. Pokello

Former Big brother Africa Star popularly know as Pokello, affectionally known as one of the Zimbabwe’s most successful figure.


2. Stunner

Controversial Zimbabwean born hip hop rapper

stunner 9

3. Winky D

Male Zim dancehall multi award winner artist, started his music career at a tender age and released a hit album in 2015 titled Gafa life that is still causing stir on social media


4. Sir Wicknell

Successful Zimbabwe’s outspoken businessman popularly known for flaunting and  for making jaw dropping statements on his Facebook page lambasting poor people as well as females .


5. Ammara Brown

 Zimbabwean female singer ,song writer, actress and brand ambassador. She is the daughter of iconic Zimbabwean singer Andy Brown, affectionately refers to her fans as Ammartians just dropped a new hit song titled ‘Mukoko’.


6. MudiwaHood

MudiwaHood is a sensational Zimbabwean gospel Hop-hop rapper who rose to fame with his hit songs such as “Ndaita mari” and “Anhu acho tisu”. He is one of the big names in the local music genre that have popularised gospel hip-hop in Zimbabwe.

mudiwa 1
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