Wits Sakai: How to Log into Wits University eLearning Portal

Here Is How to Log into Wits University eLearning Portal

The Wits university uses an online platform to serve its overwhelming number of students and it does so via the Wits Sakai. This is an electronic platform built on Sakai and per what we gathered, Sakai is one of the world’s open-source facilitated exertion and learning environment which is in enormous business use at 200 Universities.  


Wits Sakai’s has a very use-friendly user-interface which enables botj teachers and students to achieve their academic destinations paying little attention to where they are for sure devices they use. 

The platform as its login page being clear and clean. 

Before you can sign in, you must be a Wits student. To log into your account, use the URL wits-e.wits.ac.za/entrance. 

After visiting the URL, you would be required to do the following; 

  • Enter your username, which is the same as your student number.
  • Enter your password, which is the same password you use to log in to a Wits PC and your Wits student’s mail. 

Step by step instructions to reset your password

On the off chance that you might want to change your Wits password and also if you  can’t remember your password, there is a way to recover your account back and if at any point you fail to remember your password, you can reset it yourself. 

To reset your password, visit the URL passwordreset.wits.ac.za/. Enter your username and click on ‘NEXT’.

You are then required to follow the available processes to reset your password.

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