Welcome to Wits Self Service

How to Access the Wits Self-Service

Wits University, in addition to its online platform, provides a self-service platform. The platform is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. 


Here are what you can do on the self-service platform; 

The platform gives different interfaces to different kinds of people. 

As an applicant, you will be able to do the following on the platform;

  • Upload your supporting documents supporting your application
  • View your application and verify its and its status.  
  • You will be able to access your Financial Aid Application (NSFAS) status or your Scholarship and Bursary application status
  • View your Residence Status  
  • View your Personal Information 

As an existing student, you can do the following on the platform;  

  • Access and print your Fees statement 
  • To view your semester timetable and also check out the venues for your classes. 
  • Check if your Personal data is intact
  • Pay your fees on the web 
  • View last assessment results 
  • View assessment plan 
  • View graduation dates 

On the off chance that any of the data is wrong or on the other hand on the off chance that you have any inquiries, you can visit the faculty office for assistance. You can also contact the Student Call Center on 0117171888.

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