Top Expensive Schools In Trinidad And Tobago In 2018


The country of Trinidad and Tobago has a high literacy rate with education free and compulsory between ages 5 and 16. There is free tuition from Kindergarten to University. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago also provides free transport, books and meals to students of primary and secondary age.

The education system in Trinidad and Tobago mirrors the British education system. Seven years are spent in primary school and a minimum of five years attending secondary school. At the completion of secondary, the first major exam is the local NCSE (National Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations. In the fifth year of secondary school, students take the CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate). If students test highly enough, they may continue for two-years until they are prepared for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). Below are top 4 expensive schools in Trinidad and Tobago……


4. International School of Port of Spain (ISPS)

Tuition Rates: $6,000 US per year

A private, independent school with full accreditation from SACS. ISPS offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in pre-kindergarten through grade five as a recognized IB World School. Uniforms are required.

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