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Top 5 Most Dangerous Places in Puerto Rico In 2018

Beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico is growing in popularity as a tourist destination because of its interesting architecture and overall charm. However, as with any major metropolitan city, there are safe places and areas to avoid in San Juan.

According to most statistics, there are approximately 250 violent crimes a year in San Juan. However, most of these crimes are related to drug trafficking, and for the most part, tourists tend not to be targeted as victims. Very few crimes are committed in highly populated tourist areas. Overall, San Juan is a beautiful, safe place, but just as in Philadelphia or even Oklahoma City, there are a few places visitors would be better off to avoid.

1. La Perla

Tourists are advised to avoid the area known as “La Perla,” one of San Juan’s most dangerous places. “The Pearl” district in Old San Juan is a slum area where a lot of drug trafficking takes place. Despite recent law enforcement crackdowns, it remains one of the most dangerous places in Puerto Rico. It isn’t difficult to spot, as it is decrepit and quite run-down.

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