Top 5 Best Performing Motorcycles for Sri Lankan Middle Class Buyers In 2017


Typically in Sri Lanka, when a buyer is searching for a motorcycle, what they primarily look for is a two-wheeler that is cheaper in price while also being reliable and fuel economic on local roads. This has always been the trend ever since motorcycles became a top personal transporter in our country. While this may be the case for most buyers, one thing is certainly true, which is that nearly every rider, if it is economical, would love to buy a much better performing motorcycle than the bike they may already have.


Since we as indapaper also understand your need for an improved bike, we have come up with five motorcycle options that offer larger engine displacements, which are not overpriced and are widely available within Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the top five contestants that we picked and made it to our top list are as follow

5. Honda CB Unicorn


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