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Top 15 Richest Ethiopians & Their Successful Companies in 2019

15. Tashitaa Tufaa 

richest ethiopians tashitaa tufaa

Tashitaa Tufaa grew up on his family’s farm in the Oromia region with his 13 brothers and sisters, working there till he came of age.

He would leave the farm and become a school teacher and a political activist. He would soon feel threatened by his political affiliations and move to the United States in 1992, as a refugee.

He chose Minneapolis, a city in the northern part of the state of Minnesota to settle in.

He would start the ardous climb to success by working various jobs, sometimes three at a time. 

From a dishwasher to security guard to a factory worker, Tashitaa would work and work and eventually begin his own transportation company in 2003, using his wife’s van.

Today, Tashitaa has over 300 trucks and vans, and transports about 15,000 people a day. 

His company is now worth 12,000,000 USD or 324,000,000 ETB, making him one of Ethiopia’s richest people.

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