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Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria 2018

Nigeria is blessed with loads of normal possibilities. This recognizes the nation as the main African giant. In the meantime, the nation couldn’t have amassed extraordinary riches without the foundation of its States. Inside Nigeria, there are 36 autonomous States with a solitary Federal Capital Territory [Abuja].

Therefore, this article is focused on the Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria for 2018 Today. In addition, it is constantly dubious when dialogs are held about the richest States in Nigeria. In any case, financial measuring sticks, for example, per capita income [which measures the standard of living] and (GDP) Gross Domestic Product [which measures the whole volume of production] have made it conceivable to discover the richest Nigerian States.

Are you a Nigerian seeking to know where you State sits on the country’s wealth ladder? If yes, read on to find out which state is the Richest Nigerian States for 2018 Today.

10. Kaduna

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Kaduna is one of the States in Nigeria’s North Central zone with a land mass of 46, 053 square kilometres. In population, the State has a total of 6.1 million inhabitants. Kaduna constitutes the Nigerian States with diverse ethnic groups. As regards its economic standards, the North Central State has a per capita level of $1, 666 while its GDP is estimated at $10.334 billion.

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