Top 10 Richest Ethiopians and Their Successful Companies in 2020


8. Akiko Seyoum Ambaye 

Orchid Business Group 
richest ethiopians akiko seyoum ambaye

Akiko Seyoum Ambaye, the daughter of the late and well known contractor Seyoum Ambaye, is the major shareholder of Orchid Business Group which was established in 2001.

Orchid Business Group holds government contracts for a variety of highly lucrative endeavors, such as, being involved in the construction of the GERD or Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the Awash/Kombolcha/Woldiya Railway construction, as well as, many other foundation works and roads.

Furthermore, Akiko’s OBG also engages in construction machinery rental, spas, gyms, and logistical works.

Recently, Akiko, along with the Italian Enel Green Power, were to sign a 3,240,000,000 ETB or 120,000,000 USD to develop, operate and build a solar power generation plant in Metehara.


Akiko’s deal with the EEP or Ethiopian Electric Power would make her the first Ethiopian to build a privately owned and operated solar plant in the country.

Akiko through the extensive business dealings of the Orchid Business Group cement her as one of Ethiopia’s richest and a billionaire.

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