Top 10 Richest Ethiopians and Their Successful Companies in 2020


6. Ketema Kebede 

KK Plc.
richest ethiopians ketema kebede

Ketema Kebede created the self named KK Plc. in 1976, as a mere youth. Through the crafty use of his family’s trading background, Ketema began to retail acrylic yarn and other similar items that were in high demand throughout Ethiopia.

As his company grew, Ketema expanded to trading with neighboring countries and KK Plc. began its explosive rise as one of Ethiopia’s largest business enterprises.

In the beginning, Ketema Kebede would be engaged in the trade of blankets, sweaters, carpets and like products.

Through its explosive growth, KK Plc would be transformed into a corporate entity in 1992. Ketema would begin to import and sell goods, export agricultural products, and distribute locally produced goods throughout Ethiopia.


Furthermore, continually looking to grow, Ketema would also begin to manufacture acrylic yarn and blankets, engage in real estate development, and operate a transit and forwarding company.

A true business man at heart that rose from humble beginnings to become one of the richest Ethiopians, Ketema Kebede is a true inspiration for all hoping to achieve substantial success.

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