Top 10 Richest Ethiopians and Their Successful Companies in 2020


4. Eskinder Zewdie 

Eng. Zewdie Eskinder & Co. Plc.
richest ethiopians eskinder zewdie

Eskinder Zewdie is a German educated engineer that has brought his exceptional civil engineering abilities to his homeland.

Before starting his company in Ethiopia, Eskinder had already become a success in Germany. With lucrative government contracts and the ability to successfully complete them, his German company reached great heights.

In Ethiopia, Eskinder has consulted and managed various huge road and bridge projects that are a source of pride for Ethiopians.

From the beautifully designed Bole Road-Wello Sefer overpass to various other projects all over Ethiopia, he and his company have received a multitude of accolades.

Eskinder’s obsession with quality has changed the way several construction companies operate in Ethiopia.

Working closely with the Chinese, he has been praised for not letting any shoddy construction works pass.

Eskinder has also been awarded by the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) and Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) for being one of the best engineers benefiting Ethiopia.

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