Top 10 Most Powerful Jamaican Women In 2018


The accomplishments, tenacity and fortitude of Jamaican women are well known and Shaggy proclaimed as much in his hit song, ‘Strength of a Woman’.

More women than men graduate from UWI and more often than not women are the anchors of Jamaican households.

So here Oceansvibe presents our list of the 10 most powerful women in Jamaica

10. Group Executive Director of Culture and Human Development, Donna Duncan Scott

There are not many people anywhere in the world that can infuse a big financial institution with a culture of love, and caring for people, – it seems counter to the current prevailing thinking.

Donna Duncan Scott has done just that.

She took over her mother’s company JMMB at just 36 and presided over profitability, impressive shareholder value and arguably one of the best indigenous finance houses in the Caribbean.

A passionate patriot, she is known to hold steadfastly to her principles.

Never the dour banker, she is fun and effervescent. She is a wife, mother leader and though still relatively young, the family matriarch and the voice of reason and prudence.

Check out her performance at TEDx Jamaica. You will be inspired.

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